True Blood: The 5 Tallest (& 5 Shortest) actors In The Main cast True Blood is just one of HBO"s many successful mirrors of all time, however how does the show"s actors rank amongst one another in terms of height?

true blood cast
HBO’s True Blood first premiered in 2008, in the middle of the “vampire boom” sparked through the Twilight franchise. Based upon the Sookie Stackhouse novels penned by Charlaine Harris, the series has newly come earlier into the spotlight. HBO has ordered a reboot of the vampire drama, which is currently in early on stages that production. Nevertheless of the course that the showrunners choose to take, the original collection lives on the mind of fans. 

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A dark and sensual expedition of vampires and also other folkloric creatures life in the deep South, the display remained fairly popular transparent its 7 season run, not only for its subject matter, yet for that is cast. High or short, vampire or person (or werewolf, or witch, or fairy), the ensemble that talented cast members kept the show popular v its fans.

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jesus and lafayette true blood
Kevin Alejandro is a familiar challenge in the civilization of fantasy, he"s most recently recognized for his starring duty in Lucifer and his guest spot together Sebastian Blood in Arrow. Hailing from mountain Antonio, Alejandro squeaks through as one of the tallest recurring cast members at 6 feet tall.

First appearing in True Blood season three, Alejandro endeared fans almost everywhere as Jesus Velasquez, a you re welcome nurse who goes ~ above to date Lafayette. He remains a component of the cast until his character"s tragic fatality in season 5.

marshall allman together tommy
Tommy Mickens became an essential member of the True Blood cast over season 3 and season 4 as soon as Sam Merlotte it s okay the opportunity to accomplish his biological family. Playing Sam"s younger brother, Tommy is initially aggressive and also emotionally closed off because he is jealous that Sam was adopted and didn"t have actually to prosper up through the household that he to be born into.

Marshall Allman was in a total of 22 episodes. That has likewise been featured in hit mirrors Prison Break, Bates Motel, and Humans.

A California born actor known for his work in television consisting of Survivor"s Remorse and The Wire, kris Bauer starred together Andy Bellefleur, a detective who later becomes the Sheriff that Renard Parish.

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Irritable and also loaded v insecurities, Andy is often rough around the edges since of his belief that the city doesn"t respect him as an government figure. In spite of his flaws, Andy saw a substantial amount of expansion through the series, especially after coming to be a dad to quadruplets.

7 Shortest: Rutina Wesley (Tara Thornton) – 5’5

tara thornton in true blood
The daughter the a experienced tap dancer and a previous Las vegas showgirl, Rutina Wesley brings genuine depth and personality to Tara Thornton. Her attitude and also confidence makes her seem lot taller 보다 5"5. Quiet recovering from the throes of her abusive childhood, Tara has real love in her heart, particularly when it involves her ideal friend, Sookie.

Though she passed away in beforehand season 7, she continued to be featured in the form of visions, dreams, and also memories for the remainder of the show.

Jim Parrack towers over countless of his fellow cast members together 6 foot 4 inches tall. Prior to his job-related on the gritty vampire drama, he had actually not had any significant roles, but since, he has gone ~ above to occupational on HBO"s The Deuce and also he likewise had a function in DC"s Suicide Squad.

Throughout the show, Hoyt is finding out who that is and developing independence from his mother. One the the much more innocent personalities in the show, Hoyt Fortenberry nearly always way well.

5 Shortest: Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) – 5’5

Anna Paquin make a surname for it s her in the acting world from a young age, earning an Oscar for best Supporting Actress as soon as she was only 11 years old. Likewise playing Rogue from the X-Men franchise, she go on to command True Blood as the innocent but spunky Sookie Stackhouse, a plucky waitress with the uncanny ability to hear other people"s thoughts.

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Her occupational on the famous drama didn"t only bring her ongoing fame, however it likewise brought she love. She married co-star Stephen Moyer in 2010, and they have two kids together.

One of many talented Skarsgårds in the world, Alexander started his career young, but left acting for a variety of years to emphasis on school and later serve in the sweden Marines. Lured ago into the world of television, Skarsgård starred in True Blood as the broody yet seductive Eric Northman.

A former Viking with over a thousand years under his belt, Eric appears calm and also collected, however can and will rotate in an instant. Initially cool and also aloof, it i do not care clear that Eric not just feels really deeply, yet that the is head over heels because that the sweet waitress Sookie.

3 Shortest: Carrie preston (Arlene Fowler) – 5’4

recognized for her occupational in The good Wife and Claws, Carrie preston shines together Arlene Fowler, waitress and also occasionally solitary mom. Fiercely loyal and also forever protective of her children and her friends, Arlene frequently says the very first thing that concerns mind, even if it isn"t all that nice or politically correct, yet she has a good heart.

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Though Arlene has actually a stormy track record with guys in the show, Preston has been happily married to fellow actor Michael Emerson due to the fact that 1998.

This handsome Magic Mike star stands in ~ 6 feet 5 customs tall. Before True Blood, he had actually recurring duties in One Tree Hill and How ns Met your Mother, and also he is at this time slated come play Slade Wilson in Deathstroke.

An avid fan of Dungeons and also Dragons, the sweet-hearted actor periodically drops by Critical Role, and also has participated in many charity events, teaching youngsters in hospitals exactly how to beat the classic tabletop game. Manganiello showed up as the charming werewolf Alcide Herveaux in True Blood seasons 3 through season 7.

1 Shortest: Amelia Blaire increased (Willa Burrell) – 5’3

presented near the end of the series, Willa Burrell was featured greatly in season 6 and component of season 7 together Eric"s many recent progeny. A calm woman who thought in vampire rights, she butted heads v her prejudiced father who resented vampires and also even ran experiment on castle in a cruel lab.

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Blaire"s other work consists of guest duties in Quantum Break, Scream: The TV Series, and she likewise voiced "Theo" in Cyberpunk 2077.