Assistant Attorney general Lanny Breuer (left) to be the most an elderly official criticised in the report
The united state justice department has actually cited 14 human being for feasible disciplinary action for their roles in a botched gun-running operation.

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Operation Fast and Furious saw us agents shed track of thousands of illegal guns sold in Arizona and permitted into Mexico to target dealers.

Attorney general Eric Holder was not criticised, together no evidence was uncovered he knew about the controversial tactics.

Mr Holder was organized in contempt of congress in June for no handing over files related come the operation.

Two the the illegal weapons were uncovered in December 2010 at the scene of a united state border agent's murder. Fast and also Furious ended in at an early stage 2011.

The most senior official cited by Inspector basic Michael Horowitz's report to be Lanny Breuer, head of the justice department's criminal division.

Mr Breuer to be criticised for no alerting his superiors in 2010 to flaws in a comparable programme, known as Operation broad Receiver, which started under previous President George W Bush.

A "series that misguided strategies, tactics, errors in judgment" all contributed to the failure of Fast and also Furious and large Receiver, the report said.

The difficulties dated earlier to 2006 however current an elderly officials to be criticised because that failing to question the methods used throughout Fast and Furious.

The strategy well-known as "gun-walking", permitting suspected straw purchasers to leaving gun stores with weapons v the will of tracking them, was barred under a long-standing departmental policy.

The inspector general additionally concluded that poor internal information-gathering and also communication in ~ the justice department and the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and also Firearms (ATF) led to them come misinform Congress about the operation.

"The vital conclusions are continual with what I, and other justice room officials, have said for countless months now," mr Holder claimed in a statement.

Two other top justice officials called in the report, Kenneth Melson, the previous head the ATF, will certainly retire after ~ its publication. Jason Weinstein, a an elderly criminal department official, will certainly resign.

Mr Holder stated officials quote in the report, from the ATF and also the us Attorney's Office because that the district of Arizona, have actually been referred for disciplinary action.

In June mr Holder became the very first sitting attorney general to be held in contempt the Congress. He faced proceedings ~ the residence Oversight Committee led its own investigation into the operation.

The root of the investigation started on 4 February 2011 when the justice department sent lawmakers a letter denying it had sanctioned or otherwise knew around guns illegally finishing up in Mexico.

The department withdrew the letter 10 month later, acknowledging the procedure had allowed guns throughout the border.

Led through Republican Darrell Issa, the house Oversight Committee subpoenaed documents for that 10-month period.


The righteousness department sent out the committee more than 7,000 documents relating come Fast and also Furious, and also to a comparable operation that took place during the George W bush administration.

The room of Justice said it had denied access to the rest of the files because they contained information the could impact ongoing criminal investigations.

The White house then increased the stakes by announcing it would exert executive, management privilege to defend the papers in inquiry from subpoena.

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Dan Pfeiffer, an Obama management communications director, dubbed the poll a "transparently political stunt".