In a dramatic showdown between the branches of government, the Republican-led residence voted along party lines to organize Attorney general Eric Holder in contempt that Congress. This is the an initial time in background an attorney general has been held in contempt.

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As the vote proceeded, droves of democratic lawmakers protested by walking the end of the house chambers. Lock poured out onto the Capitol building"s steps, whereby Rep. Jim Clyburn to express his disgust. The autonomous leader in the house Nancy Pelosi was among them.

Now, the criminal contempt charge is refered come the U.S. Lawyer in the ar of Columbia. In other words, Holder"s own Justice Department, which will certainly decide exactly how to proceed.

House republicans say they are holding Holder in contempt because the Obama administration has withheld papers related come the fail Fast and also Furious gun walking operation. For its part, the White House asserted executive privilege to save from following the subpoena. The White home says the documents and emails republicans seek display internal deliberations ~ the operation became public.

The House likewise voted to provide a separate measure, which provides Rep. Darrell Issa"s Oversight and also Government reform Committee authorization come sue the department of justice in federal court in an effort to enforce your subpoena seeking the documents.

Update in ~ 4:57 p.m. ET. "Politically Motivated":

Attorney general Eric Holder dubbed the home vote "unfortunate" and "politically motivated."

"Today"s vote is the regrettable culmination of what has become a misguided and also politically motivated investigation throughout an choice year," Holder stated in a televised statement. "By progressing this end the previous year and also a half, Congressman Issa and others have focused on politics over windy safety."

Holder claimed that when the failure Fast and Furious tactics pertained to light, he take it action, ordering the strategies stopped and ordering one investigation.

He stated Issa and also Republicans in Congress have actually rebuffed his do the efforts to lug this to a resolution without a contempt vote.

Our Original short article Continues:

The united States residence is set to vote now on even if it is to organize Attorney basic Eric Holder in contempt.

House republicans say Holder and the Obama management have withheld documents related to the failure Fast and also Furious gun go operation. Because that its part, the White House claimed executive privilege to store from turning over the documents, which it says show internal deliberation after the operation came to be public.

The new York Times reports this sets increase a constitutionally charged dispute that might make Holder the an initial attorney general held in contempt.

The Times adds:

"In early on jostling – a debate over the dominion governing the final controversy later in the job – Republicans repeatedly invoked the fatality of Brian Terry, a border patrol agent eliminated in a shootout in December 2010. Two firearms that had actually been purchased by a suspect in the gunrunning case the vault January were discovered the near the scene.

""These contempt fees aren"t around politics," claimed Representative rich Nugent, Republican of Florida. "They aren"t around Attorney general Holder or president Obama or something else yet this: A man passed away serving his country and we have actually a best to understand what the commonwealth government"s hand remained in that. It"s clear this country somehow play a duty in his death. We have to root the out, uncover the cause, and make certain this never, ever happens again.""

Democrats argued this was an election-year ploy through Republicans. Politico reports that top home Democrats space pushing because that a mass walkout. Rep. Jim Clyburn, of southern Carolina, told Politico they would stay to vote on the rule governing the vote, yet once the poll begins, they will certainly walkout.

Politico adds:

""We asked for them to simply think about what we"re doing and our duty to this institution, and the fact that us ought not to participate," Clyburn said.

"Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), chairman that the Congressional black Caucus, stated he to trust "many various other members" will sign up with the walkout, i m sorry was an initial proposed by black color Democrats.""s Tamara Keith tells united state the house will is scheduled to cast its very first contempt poll this hour. A second one is reserved for 4:45 p.m. ET. We"ll upgrade this article once we have more news.

CSPAN is live streaming all the action.

Update in ~ 4:35 democrats Walk Out:

En masse, democratic lawmakers are walking out of the residence chambers. Pictures from CNN, present the lawmakers putting onto the steps of the Capitol building.

Update at 4:33 p.m. ET. Voting Now:

After rejecting a autonomous motion that would send the issue ago to committee, the home is now voting on stop Holder in criminal contempt.

Update in ~ 4:11 p.m. ET. Poll Late:

Right now it looks choose the poll on contempt will certainly be later than we expected. We"re expecting the first vote — on the contempt — to come up about 4:30 p.m. ET.

Update in ~ 3:29 p.m. ET. The 2 Votes:

As we mentioned, the house will have two votes. One to organize Holder in contempt and also refer him to the justice Department and also the various other will give Rep. Darrell Issa"s Oversight and Government revolutionary Committee authorization to sue the room of justice in commonwealth court.

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Politico reports the we can expect a party-line vote and that republic have sufficient votes to prevail.