Complain every you want around the predictability that the HGTV present “Love it or perform It” and its format, but it’s much more popular than ever. More than a decade due to the fact that it first premiered, its last season brought in over 17 million viewers, making it the show’s highest-rated yet.

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Its 15th season simply kicked off, with new episodes airing top top Monday nights, and a the majority of you have been asking: What taken place to contractor and designer Eric Eremita who offered to occupational with young name Farr top top the renovations?

I to be wondering the myself! save scrolling to read what i learned…

NOTE: may 2020 update on Eric’s health Below.


What occurred to Contractor Eric?


One point I’ve learned over the years of reporting on shows favor this one: over there are few things loyal HGTV viewers hate an ext than see things change on their favorite shows!

LIOLI moved from Toronto to phibìc Carolina in 2014, and also fan favorite Desta, Eddie, and Fergus were changed by general contractor and also designer Eric Eremita, who hails native Staten Island.

At the moment viewers were furious and also many endangered to boycott the show as a result. However Eric ultimately won most of lock over.

Now he’s gone, and fans room asking what occurred to him.


HGTV reportedly had nothing to do with his departure.Eric claims the decision to leave was his. He wants to focus on various other projects.


He was liked to be the show’s general contractor and also designer in the U.S. ~ he contended on the HGTV present “Brother vs. Brother” with home Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott.

“It was a life-changing experience,” Eric told Industry. “I wasn’t crowned the winner of the show, yet ultimately came to be the winner, because HGTV asked me to it is in the construction manager top top Love that or perform It.”

“This is what I’ve constantly wanted to perform in life. For years, my clients have been telling me I must be top top TV. This is candid a dream come true,” Eric stated at the time.


On Instagram, Eric connected to an post on Meaww to define his absence:

Eric announced in a podcast with truth Life with Kate Casey front of the premiere stating that he will not be returning to ‘Love it or list it’ however teased that big things room coming. He likewise revealed the he and also his team have actually “big networks stand behind” a future TV project.

“It’s been a wild ride. I never expected in my lifetime that I would certainly be changing careers, indirectly. I’m tho a general contractor, I’m quiet a designer, I’m still in my field. Yet I’m doing that on a more an imaginative level than I could ever dream of, honestly. I’ve done much more than 70 episodes of Love that or perform It … I’m airing in 15 different countries right now. For this reason it’s honestly to be incredible. There’s no various other word because that it.”


It’s understandable that he may have actually been ready for a change, because he was having to travel ago and forth from the Raleigh/Durham area come his home in Staten Island to be with his wife and also three kids.

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“Leaving my family is open minded the hardest part of my job,” he stated in one interview a couple of years ago. “I come back as regularly as i can, yet when we’re in the middle of filming a show, ns on set for number of days or weeks in ~ a time.”

He added, “My ultimate goal is to one day have actually a renovation display of my own, and won’t avoid until I get it.”


I noticed on Instagram the he’s promoting a brand-new fashion heat he’s walking to be launching referred to as Thirteen: “Cool apparel for cool people.” therefore watch for that!

MAY 2020 wellness UPDATE: Eric Eremita has just to be released native the hospital ~ spending 2 weeks ~ above a ventilator. He mutual the an excellent news that his recovery on his Instagram page, and also People magazine interviewed him around his scary ordeal the you can read here.

For much more information, visit: Eric’s Instagram, short articles on Distractify, Industry, and also Meaww.Check mine HGTV web page for much more scoop around your favourite shows!