Eric Stonestreet attends the Premiere of universal Pictures" "The an enig Life Of pet 2" ~ above June 02, 2019

Eric Stonestreet: Modern Family "Cam" prior to Fame

While attending Kansas State University, the performed in a few plays, such together Prelude come a Kiss, All my Sons, and Twelfth Night. Auditioning for Prelude to a Kiss was in reality a dare, yet he finished up finding luck in his talent of acting.

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After graduating, Stonestreet then moved to Chicago for 2 years, where he participated in improv classes. After ~ his time in Chicago, he then moved to the city of angels - Los Angeles.


By the late "90s and early 2000s, Stonestreet was getting little roles in sitcoms and also movies. His most notable duty before Modern Family was his personality "Ronnie" in CSI: Crime scene Investigation, which that starred in for 4 years. His other minor duties included series like, The Mentalist, NCIS, and Monk.

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Eric Stonestreet: theatre "Cameron Tucker"

By the time he was cast to play "Cameron Tucker" in Modern Family, Stonestreet winner the understanding of many. He and Jesse Tyler Ferguson ("Mitch") play 2 gay dads in the collection with your daughter "Lily" (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons). The series has won a complete of 22 awards the end of 75 nominations. Stonestreet himself has actually won two of those particular awards. Friend can capture Stonestreet in the current film, The secret Life of pet 2, released in 2019!

Eric Stonestreet in ~ the 64th annual Primetime Emmy Awards in ~ the Nokia Theatre L.A. On September 23, 2012.

Ever since Modern Family finished in 2020 after ~ 11 seasons, we will need to see what"s following for Eric Stonestreet top top screen. Because that now, the actor is very active on social media and loves to show off his lady friend, Lindsay, to who he got engaged this year! That"s right folks, even though that plays a happy dad "Cam" in Modern Family, Eric Stonestreet is in fact heterosexual in genuine life!

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