Garcelle Beauvais told web page Six the she believes few of her "Real Housewives the Beverly Hills" co-stars proved unjustified support for Erika Jayne this season.

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If you desire a starring duty in Garcelle Beauvais’ life, you better not present unsubstantiated support for Erika Jayne.

Chatting with page Six Monday night at take trip & Give’s fourth yearly fundraiser, organized by Moun Lakay in ~ TomTom in West Hollywood, the “Real Housewives the Beverly Hills” star, 54, expressed confusion at her castmates safeguarding their relationships through the embattled Jayne this season.

“I felt favor some civilization were thoughtlessly behind her,” stated Beauvais, who, alongside co-star Sutton Stracke, generally pressed the “XXPEN$IVE” singer, 50, about her confounding stories entailing estranged husband Tom Girardi and also their mounting legit woes.

“They were inquiries that everybody would ask!” the “Real” co-host added. “That to be my thing. Ns was like, ‘It isn’t the crazy.’ it wasn’t the crazy that we would certainly ask.”

The other women of “RHOBH” — consisting of Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Rinna, decision Kung Minkoff and “friend of” Kathy Hilton — would often speak about Jayne’s case behind her back but hardly ever expressed their comes to directly v her. If they did, their distribution was notably softer once talking face to face with the “Pretty Mess” author. 

“I simply went understanding what I desire to acquire out the it and it was really to speak mine mind,” Beauvais noted.

The legal and also financial woes that Jayne (fourth native left) were a hot topic top top “RHOBH” Season 11.Nicole Weingart/Bravo

As viewers will certainly recall, Jayne showed up uncomfortable once the “Coming 2 America” actress bluntly asked if she knew around Girardi’s alleged gaue won wrongdoings. “No, ns did not,” Jayne responded coldly, automatically dismissing Beauvais’ query.

Jayne and also Girardi, 82, were sue in so late 2020 because that allegedly embezzling funds intended for trauma victims represented by the disgraced lawyer, consisting of the households of those killed in 2018’s Lion Air flight 610 crash. The pair was later accused of utilizing their November divorce filing as a “sham attempt” come “fraudulently protect” their assets.

On Tuesday it was revealed the attorney Jay Edelson — that previously operated with Girardi — is subpoenaing Bravo in really hopes that the network can carry out “RHOBH” footage containing evidence around Jayne and also her alleged involvement.

Bravo host Andy Cohen “went in” ~ above Jayne during the four-part “RHOBH” reunion, follow to Beauvais.Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Until then, though, Beauvais furious that much more will be revealed around Jayne’s situation in the upcoming four-part “RHOBH” reunion.

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interpreted the assignment come a T! he went in,” she said of the Bravo host and executive producer. “There were difficult questions and also he didn’t back down. However you know what? Erika didn’t earlier down either.”

Asked if she left the reunion feeling any kind of differently about Jayne, Beauvais admitted the she “still feel bad” because that her. “It’s a dreadful thing to walk through,” she told united state of her castmate’s court-related miseries, later on implying that they space working to mend their broken friendship. “It’s not over.”

Part one of “The genuine Housewives that Beverly Hills” Season 11 reunion airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET top top Bravo.