As the competition heats up, the latest two booted from "Dancing v the Stars" dish on your time in the ballroom, live ~ above "GMA."

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— -- "The real Housewives the Beverly Hills" star Erika Jayne and also her expert partner, Gleb Savchenko, were priziv.orgt rid of from “Dancing with the Stars” ~ their impressive Disney-inspired Viennese waltz come “Unforgettable” through Sia, indigenous “Finding Dory.”

“It felt great. We finished on a high note,” Jayne, 45, claimed on “priziv.orgod Morning America. “It to be beautiful. It to be emotional. We worked hard. I’m proud the us.”

Jayne compared her “Dancing” and “Housewives” experiences, speak they room “two completely different things.”

“First off, everyone on ‘Dancing through the Stars’ is an extremely nice and an extremely warm and very sweet,” she stated with a laugh. “Although you and also I had actually it the end a pair of times,” she said, addressing Savchenko. “But nothing like my other job. I had actually a priziv.orgod time.”

'Dancing through the Stars' Maksim Chmerkovskiy posts pictures in the hospital gaining treatment

When asked which of her “Real Housewives” co-stars would certainly be the toughest judge on “DWTS,” she replied, “Every one of them.”

She added that her co-star Kyle Richards would be a great competitor ~ above the run floor and that she really hopes Kenya Moore that “The actual Housewives the Atlanta” it s okay on the following season of “Dancing.”

“She’d be great,” Jayne said. “Kenya, you next, babe.”

One of the hardest components of competing on “DWTS” was working with a partner, Jayne said.

“Partnering is harder than you can imagine,” she explained. “I knew it to be priziv.orging to it is in tough. I knew it was priziv.orging to it is in a challenge. I always said that. However it was really challenging to come right into his room and learn and really be his student.”

“It to be tough, however I am so appreciative,” she added.

Next week’s illustration of "Dancing with the Stars" functions team dances, v a theme of young bands versus girl groups.

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