Erika Jayne and her divorce indigenous Tom Girardi has been a large focus ~ above this season of Real Housewives that Beverly Hills.

Erika shocked fans—and also her co-stars—when she announced in November 2020 that she and Tom were divorcing. "After much consideration, i have determined to end my marriage to Tom Girardi," she stated in statement to Us Weekly at the time. "This is no a action taken lightly or easily. I have good love and respect because that Tom and also for our years and the lives we constructed together. The is my absolute wish to continue through this process with respect and with the privacy the both Tom and also I deserve. I request others offer us that privacy together well."

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Why walk Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi Divorce?

A brand-new Hulu documentary referred to as The Housewife and The Hustler increased a most questions about all of the scandals neighboring Erika and Tom, consisting of accusations that Tom was embezzling legal negotiation funds indigenous his clients. The pair was additionally accused of staging your divorce to shot to protect their assets.

Now, throughout The actual Housewives the Beverly Hills season 11 reunion, Erika is revealing everything around the true state of she financial affairs.

With that in mind, there have actually been a the majority of questions around Erika’s net worth, and also fair. Here’s just how she got so rich—and what she’s worth right now.

She’s been on Real Housewives because 2015.

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Erika has had six year to stockpile her RHOBH salary. That’s supposedly $600,000 a season, according to The brand-new York Times (FWIW: Longtime cast members Kyle Richards and also Lisa Rinna make $500,000 a season).

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Erika has a effective singing career.

Erika has released a slew of electro-pop singles, including “How countless F*cks,” “Pretty Mess,” and “Xxpensive,” and they’ve excellent pretty well. “Pretty Mess” and also “How plenty of F*cks” climbed come No. 1 top top the Billboard Dance club Songs chart, follow the Los Angeles Times. Every in, she’s had actually nine No. 1 hits, i beg your pardon have absolutely earned her some cash.

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And, she starred in a Broadway musical.

Erika play Roxie Hart in Chicago the musical for almost three months. Her time on stage was cut brief due to the coronavirus pandemic as soon as Broadway shuttered theater in 2020.

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"Well this is no the method I want to to speak goodbye to Roxie and also my Chicago family however I have no choice," Erika composed on Instagram alongside a picture of her on stage. "THANK friend from the bottom that my heart to anyone that pertained to the shows. I leave NYC feeling choose my mission is incomplete but I will certainly treasure this time always."

Erika released a bestselling memoir.


Pretty Mess
Erika released she memoir, Pretty Mess, in 2018. According to the description on Amazon, Erika “spills top top every element of she life: indigenous her increase to fame together a daring and fiery pop/dance performer and singer; to she decision to accept a function on reality television; come the ups and also downs of household life (including her marital relationship to well known lawyer Tom Girardi, thirty-three years she senior)."

The book made that on The brand-new York Times’ bestseller list.

Erika additionally scores significant social media partnerships.

She on regular basis poses v Savage x Fenty lingerie and other remarkable brands on the "gram.

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Erika has launched many collections with ShoeDazzle. The heels retailed for $30 to $76 each, per FootwearNews, before they marketed out.

It’s unclear just how much Erika will get in she divorce, if anything.

Tom said in a court testimony in the loss that he doesn’t have any kind of money. “At one allude I had around 80 million or 50 million in cash. That’s all gone,” he said, per the Los Angeles Times. "I don’t have any kind of money."

Still, Erika formerly told Andy Cohen the she and also Tom don’t have a prenup, but she doesn’t think it would certainly make a difference if lock did. “I’m married come a very an effective lawyer. A prenup wouldn’t stand in his way anyway,” she stated at the time. “So that doesn’t issue whether you had actually one or girlfriend didn’t, it’s gonna be every Tom’s way, I assure you.”

Erika and also Tom recently detailed their $1.25 million residential property in La Quinta, California.

In September, Us Weekly reported that the pair listed their $1.25 million house in La Quinta, California, top top the market. Erika described on the display this season that, if she knew she own a residence there, she had actually no idea wherein it was and had never ever visited the or stayed there.

After Erika divorce Tom and also moved out, she uncovered a $1.5 million Spanish-style residence in Los Angeles, follow to E! News. The 2,000 square foot house has three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a pool, and a garden patio.

But Erika"s staying money may be declared by lawyers or creditors.

In addition to Tom"s legit troubles, Erika has actually now been called in in ~ least fifty percent a dozen lawsuits, according to The new York Times, the largest of i beg your pardon is a bankruptcy case. Months ago, lawyers argued that Tom"s legislation firm may have actually paid because that $25 million of she expenses. In July, Erika was called as a defendant in a fit filed by a bankruptcy trustee trying to collection that money.

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