that '70s Show: Why Laurie Forman was Recast that "70s Show"s Laurie Forman was initially played by Lisa Robin Kelly, however the gibbs was changed with Christina Moore in Season 6. The reason for this is shocking and tragic.

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It"s usual in long-running television series for actors to float in and also out of periods or even to disappear indigenous the display altogether. That "70s Show is no exception, as much of its cast left permanently, left because that a time and returned or was recast altogether. The last is true for the personality Laurie Forman.

Originally depicted by Lisa Robin Kelly in periods 1, 3 and also 5, Laurie to be then recast through Christina Moore for Season 6. Despite Kelly was set to return because that the role, an individual life circumstances compelled her come leave.

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Who was Laurie Forman on that "70s Show?

Laurie Forman was no point of view — in fact, her brothers Eric declared she to be born with a adversary tail. Laurie consistently bullied and also tortured she brother, yet at rare times verified sympathy towards him. Despite she was manipulative and also cruel, her father favored she over Eric.

Laurie was recognized to it is in promiscuous, together she was romantically involved with plenty of different men. She got involved with she college professor, slept with Kelso if he was still v Jackie and even tried to seduce the local pastor at one point. She later married Fez, who had actually been lusting over her, simply so he might get his green card in Season 5. If she was stated a couple of times over the final two seasons, the personality never appeared again after Season 6.

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Why Lisa Robin Kelly Left the "70s Show

In Season 3, Laurie abruptly disappeared indigenous That "70s Show. She was created out of the series with the explanation that she was going to beauty school. The behind-the-scenes reason, however, was lot different. That "70s Show carried actor Lisa Robin Kelly much more success and also fame 보다 was manageable. Not just was she starring together Laurie, she to be getting an ext roles offered to her. But in the midst of every one of this, Kelly reportedly lost a child, causing her to turn to drinking. This began an unfortunately spiral for the actor. In a 2012 interview v ABC, she admitted she had actually a drinking problem which led to her to take it a step back from the spotlight.

Eventually, Kelly did go back to That "70s Show because that Season 5. However, the return was short lived, as she continued to suffer personal issues. Therefore, the series had to recast Laurie, and also Christina Moore was brought in come play the duty in Season 6.

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Sadly, Kelly continued to struggle after she permanent exit from That "70s Show. In the following years, she to be arrested for 2 DUIs, got a history of domestic violence charges and divorced her husband. In 2013, Kelly vowed to obtain her life ago on track, yet tragically finished up happen away. After ~ attending rehab because that a duration of time, she died in she sleep as result of an accidental overdose.