Following the riots inside the Capitol on Jan. 6, the Trump management is facing a slew that resignations. Among those resignations come from Secretary of education and learning Betsy Devos, that submitted a officially letter of resignation, citing the violence in Washington, D.C. As the reason for her resignation. Although she's resigned, there are numerous who still wonder what type of relationship her brothers Erik Prince has actually with the president. 

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Devos' brother, Erik Prince, is the founder the the Blackwater group, a team of private security building contractors who have worked in tandem v U.S. Troops abroad. Recently, president Trump announced the he would be issuing a pardon for four members the the group who to be convicted of a massacre in Iraq. The department of Justice has said that 14 people were eliminated in the massacre, when Iraqi authorities say the full is 17. 


The Blackwater employee were initially convicted in 2014 and were accused of launching one unprovoked attack on Iraqi citizen that contained the usage of sniper rifles, an equipment guns, and also grenade launchers. The four men, who space all veterans, to be contracted through the State room at the time, and their defense attorneys suggested that they had only reverted fire after being ambushed by Iraqi troops. 

Following the news that Trump had issued the pardons, the victims of the massacre spoke to NBC News about how upset they to be by the decision. 

"How are these criminals released after they eliminated 17 chaste people?" said Hussein Saheb Nasser, who younger brother was killed by the Blackwater mercenaries. 

Sarah Holewinski, the Washington director at human Rights Watch, said that Trump's decision was an insult both to justice and to the victims. "After year of waiting, the victims finally saw justice served when these males were convicted," she called NBC via email. "With those sentence reversed by the punch of a pen, who will trust the American justice device again?"  

Although he didn't have the exact same formal duty inside Trump's administration as his sister, Prince has been an support for the president because that years. Prince has been defined as a "shadow adviser" come the president, and his name has been connected in number of stories associated both to the president and his foreign policy apparatus. 

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When the news the Trump's pardons very first broke, news reports listed that they were explicitly linked both to Devos and Prince as one possible reason for the president's decision to problem them. Throughout the shift in 2017, Prince also met through a Russian-backed banker in the Seychelles in order to comment on ways that Russia and also the incoming Trump management could cooperate v one another. 

The meeting was investigated as part of a broader special counsel investigation right into connections between the trumped campaign and Russia. Now, as the president prepares to leaving office, the news of his pardons because that members that Blackwater will be just one little piece in his very controversial legacy.