Cody Gifford and Erika Brown Courtesy that Erika Brown/InstagramHusband and also wife! Kathie Lee Gifford’s son, Cody Gifford, is a married man. The Gifford Media team founder wed his fiancé, Erika Brown, ~ above Saturday, September 5, after seven years the dating.

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“Happily ever before After,” the bride composed via Instagram ~ above Monday, September 7, alongside a picture of her and also the groom embracing at your wedding.

Her new mother-in-law, meanwhile, posted, “God offered us a glorious day come celebrate this glorious couple. For this reason grateful.”

The Slave Stealers writer, 30, and also the LA Stories actress, 28, started their romantic in 2013, and have to be counting under the days until they walked down the aisle. Ahead of their large day, Cody’s tiny sister, Cassidy Gifford, shared an Instagram Story picture of her future sister-in-law in anticipation the the wedding.

“Just three more days until this beauty, beauty if ‘officially’ my seester!” Cassidy, 27, wrote on Wednesday, September 2. The bride-to-be reposted the photo and followed it up through a sneak emergence at she hair bridal updo — which in ~ the time proved her brown locks rolled up in curler clips in ~ the salon.

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Kathie Lee Gifford Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

A mainly prior, Brown mutual a behind-the-scenes look at her practice veil and also revealed that the couple had checked acquiring their wedding bands off their marital to-do list.

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