Trustee George Perles arrives for an MSU board of Trustees meeting at the Michigan State college Hannah administration Building ~ above Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018. (J. Scott Park | priziv.org) J. Scott Park



There is no evidence to assistance a California woman’s lawsuit the she to be raped and also impregnated through Larry Nassar in 1992 and also brushed off by then-athletic director George Perles and also Michigan State university police once she attempted to report the assault, state investigators say.

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The allegations to be made in a lawsuit filed in September 2018 by Erika Davis, a previous MSU ar hockey player.

Davis' claims were disputed Friday by wilhelm Forsyth, the unique counsel heading an elevation state investigation right into MSU’s actions concerning Nassar, a former MSU doctor who molested hundreds of patients under the guise of medical treatment.

“As part of our review of MSU, we investigated Ms. Davis’ allegations and found no credible evidence to assistance them. In fact, us found an extensive evidence contradicting her claims concerning the supposed cover-up,” Forsyth said in a 16-page report exit Friday.

At a press conference Friday, Forsyth claimed it was “not fair to George Perles to have his name and also reputation ruined” through allegations that show up not to be substantiated.

Perles offered as MSU head soccer coach from 1982 come 1994 and as strong director native 1990-92. In 2006, he was first elected come the MSU plank of Trustees. Now age 84, Perles resigned native the MSU plank last month, citing wellness reasons.

In the lawsuit, Davis claimed she saw Nassar for therapy of a sports injury. Throughout two medical appointments, the sue said, Davis to be drugged and also raped by Nassar -- and also the rape was taped by a video clip camera.

The lawsuit claimed that David said her field hockey coach, Martha Ludwig, who obtained the recording of Davis' appointment and took the issue to Perles in may 1992. Follow to the lawsuit, Perles intervened, and forced Ludwig to rotate over the video, resign and also sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The lawsuit likewise said the Davis told her “dorm mom” Cheryl around the assault, and also Cheryl told she to file a police report. But, Davis said, when she went to police, a sergeant told she to autumn the complaint and also leave the building.

In addition, the sue alleged the Davis came to be pregnant indigenous the rape, and also the pregnancy finished in a miscarriage.

Forsyth said his investigators speak to Ludwig, who did not recall Davis and also said her minimal interactions v Perles to be professional and respectful. In addition, yes sir no proof that Ludwig -- who left MSU in 1993, a year after ~ the alleged event -- was compelled to resign or signed a nondisclosure agreement, Forsyth said.

“Ludwig also told investigators the she had actually never referred any kind of of she athletes come Nassar and also did not recognize Nassar personal or by reputation,” the report said.

Moreover, Nassar was still in clinical school in 1992 -- undermining the lawsuit’s contention that Davis saw Nassar when he was a “renowned orthopedic sports medicine physician, well respected in the gymnastics community and also the team physician of the United claims Gymnastics team." Nassar graduated medical school in 1993 and also became team doctor for U.S. Olympic gymnasts in 1996.

“Further we might find no ‘dorm mom’ called Cheryl assigned to any type of of Ms. Davis’ residence halls throughout her time at MSU. Finally, we found no proof that Ms. Davis filed a complaint through the MSU Police room in 1992,” the report said.

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