It may have actually been Disney Night ~ above Monday"s Dancing with the Stars, but the dance floor was far from the happiest ar on planet for Erika Jayne. ~ a magical, Disney-themed opening dance number through the whole cast, things acquired emotional for Erika transparent the evening. 

Erika opened up up around the toll the competition had actually taken top top her prior to her performance. "I"ve simply never yes, really felt the disconnected from the audience. I"ve never really feeling this means ever," she shared. "I think I have to be performing better than i am. Ns think I"m qualified of that. Maybe I"m just holding back." 

There was even one moment throughout rehearsals wherein Erika broke down right into tears and was consoled by her professional partner, Gleb Savchenko. "I"ve never ever felt favor this before. I"ve never, ever, ever before questioned myself so deeply before," she told her dance partner. "And ns don"t understand. The shouldn"t it is in this way."


Erika Jayne provided Us the Madonna minute We"ve all Been waiting for on Dancing with the Stars

 But Erika channeled that emotion right into a romantic and passionate Viennese waltz to Sia"s covering of "Unforgettable" featured in the movie Finding Dory. "This is one of my favorite songs, and one of mine husband"s favourite songs," Erika gushed during rehearsals. "And ns remember driving so late night listening to this and him to sing it come me. A small off-key, however it was still great." 

Erika"s performance was unforgettable, too. She looked prefer a sea goddess as she glided throughout the phase in a gorgeous and glittering gown. Erika even received a standing ovation native the audience.

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Erika looked favor the queen that the sea on DWTS. Photo:


Erika and also Gleb have actually never looked lovely dancing with each other than during Monday night"s episode. Photo:

The genuine Housewives that Beverly Hills songstress received raves for reflecting her vulnerability from the judges, too. Also Erika"s harshest critic, Len Goodman, had nothing however kind words because that her. "I"ve said it countless times, you room a lovely dancer, and it just hadn"t come out. Tonight it did," he said. "I love the routine. It had a lover mix, in hold and out hold, beautiful flow movement, lovely arms. It to be terrific. Fine done."


Erika"s performance ended with part epic confetti. Photo:


Erika"s performance offered us all kinds of feels. Photo: 

As Erika waited for the judges" scores, she explained to co-host Erin andrew the resource of she breakthrough this week. "I had actually to. I had actually no choice," she said. "I was broken down and also just had actually to pull it out." 

And it payment off. Erika got her highest score however from the judges, 32 out of 40 points. Unfortunately, that still wasn"t enough to save her in the competition. Erika landed in the bottom two v The Bachelor"s Nick Viall, and she was at some point sent home. "It to be incredible," an emotionally Erika said of the night after her elimination. "I did have actually a breakthrough. I"ve had a wonderful time. Say thanks to you every so much." 

But Erika posted something very interesting ~ above Instagram Monday night around the time DWTS was top top the air: a clip of she music video clip for her single "How numerous F***s?" the looks choose Erika isn"t letting this elimination lug her down.

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She additionally thanked Gleb for his support and received love from the DWTS family and also other famous fans upon her elimination.

say thanks to you
glebsavchenkoofficial ❤️

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erikajayne babe, you are beautiful and you space a queen!! well done