Pat the … divorce papers. ~ Erika Jayne saw court to finish her marital relationship to Tom Girardi, Bravo fans were shocked to learn that what appeared like one of the strongest couples in Real Housewives history was no so picture-perfect after all.

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The Real Housewives the Beverly Hills star announced in November 2020 the she and also the powerhouse lawyer had referred to as it quits ~ 21 years of marriage. A source later called Us Weekly exclusively, “Erika and Tom had an unconventional marriage, security a most time apart.”

Erika, who shares adult boy Tommy with ex-husband Thomas Zizzo, met Tom in the so late 1990s when waitressing at one of his favorite West Hollywood warm spots, Chasen’s. One year later, she made decision to offer him she phone number, and he subsequently reached out to her with his secretary.

“I said her, ’Tell Mr. Girardi if he desires to take it me the end on a date, he demands to call me himself and ask me and give me enough time to prepare,’” the Bravo personality recalled in her 2018 memoir, Pretty Mess. “You know how men are, especially if they are successful. They intend you come drop whatever right away. It is not just how I work, ns don’t care who friend are.”

Six months right into their relationship, Erika and also the lawyer gained engaged. Castle married in January 1999.

“For the an initial 10 year of our marriage, i was through Tom’s side,” the “XXPEN$IVE” singer stated in a February 2017 illustration of RHOBH. “I was also the an initial lady the a couple legal organizations. Imagine that!”

Due to Tom’s high-power job, he has actually only made a few appearances top top the reality collection since Erika joined the actors in 2015. It is likely that their divorce will certainly play out throughout season 11, which started filming in early October 2020.

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“People are always like, ‘Oh, you men don’t view each various other a lot.’ but when we carry out see every other, that 100 percent, full-on attention,” the previous Chicago star stated in the February 2017 episode. “This is what civilization don’t understand. It’s not a detriment to the relationship. It’s in reality helpful. It’s much better than someone being in your confront all the time and you’re not even present.”

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