It"s a Tom Bergeron and also Erin andrew reunion! The 2 TV personalities reunited this week, after lock were changed on Dancing with the Stars critical year. In the an initial photo, the 65-year-old host and also 42-year-old sportscaster are having actually cocktails in ~ a restaurant.

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erinandrews," Bergeron an initial wrote, with Andrews reposting the same photo and also adding, "Always something in the works."

The two also commented on each other"s Instagram pics, through Andrews writing, "Having sack after tequila after bag after tequila!!!" and Bergeron including to her post, "What a fine looking pair of human beings 😏😘."

Bergeron and Andrews were changed by Tyra financial institutions ahead that season 29 of DWTS critical year.

Fans and also colleagues the theirs, including current and former dance pros, were surprised by the news. Executive, management producerAndrew Llinaresdefended the relocate to change Bergeron and also Andrews with banks citing the pivot as a necessary change for the long-running franchise.

"It"s all about evolution," that told reporters in September during Day 2 of ABC"s virtual autumn press day. "Any present like this that has actually been on for many, plenty of seasons needs to proceed to evolve. So i think changing that host is all about evolution. It was all around making the display feel fresh, making that feel new and do it reach the end to a new audience -- and also the audience that"s been there because that years."

Bergerontook to Twitter in July to rest the news the he would not be earlier in the ballroom because that season 29.

"Just informed
DancingABC will certainly be continuing without me," Bergeron wrote."It"s been an significant 15 year run and the many unexpected gift of my career. I"mgrateful because that that and for the lifelong friendships made. That said, now what am I an alleged to execute with all of these splendors masks?"

Soon after, ABC and also BBC Studios exit a joint statement to ET confirming the news, and also revealed the Andrews was additionally out.

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"Nobody desires to it is in let go when it’s no on their terms," Andrews said on the Token CEO podcast in September,onhow it was an overwhelming to learn she"d to be axed native the long-running fact competition series. She added that, regardless of the disappointment, she feeling there"s "something top top the horizon" now that she has more complimentary time.

"I’m absolutely working my human being to uncover something and put other on the horizon," she explained. "I really appreciated being in that room and ns think I’m someone that, as lot as I perform love sports, I’m a pan of a lot of things, truth TV. I’m simply a pan of TV."

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