Some fans might still be uncertain about the Dancing through the Stars hold switch because that its 29th season, v Tyra banks replacing Tom Bergeron and also Erin Andrews. But executive producer Andrew Llinares thinks it’s what the abc dance vain series, which pairs celebrities with experienced dancers, needed.

“Any present like this that has been on for many, plenty of seasons demands to continue to evolve,” he stated as part of ABC’s virtual autumn press day, according to ET. Component of that “evolution” to be bringing in a brand-new host. “It to be all about making the show feel fresh” and also “new” and appeal to both old and new fans,” the explained, even if nothing felt “wrong.”

They’ve additionally done the by bringing agree dancer Derek Hough back as judge, update the set, and “throughout the towel of everything on the show,” Llinares continued. “We want to make the present feel relevant yet still host on to the love of the show.”

That echoes what Hough said prior to the season. When he interpreted some pan unsure if they would certainly be tuning in v the brand-new changes, he promised that “the heart of the show … the relationships the celebrities and also pros’ trip … never will change.”

For Llinares, having only one hold instead of two is “working brilliantly” and has “really refreshed the pace” of Dancing through the Stars. “I think it’s adjusted the valuation of the present in a really exciting way,” that said. “I think Tyra is act an amazing, exceptional job.

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It’s been wonderful having actually her power in the ballroom and her field of expertise as a organize in the ballroom. She’s brought a brand-new life to everything.”

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ABC and BBC Studios’ statement regarding long-time master Bergeron and also Andrews’ departures also provided that they were moving in “a new an innovative direction.” and ABC Entertainment chairman Karey Burke stated of Banks, “her fresh take it on America’s favourite dancing competition will surely bring more than a ‘Smize’ to fans everywhere.”