Fox sporting activities reporter Erin Andrews to be awarded $55 million Monday in a lawsuit end a secretly filmed naked video.

Andrews brought a $75 million suit versus her stalker, Michael Barrett, and also the management firm and owner of the Nashville Marriott wherein the almost five-minute video was filmed in 2008.

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In his close up door argument, Andrews" attorney encouraged the jury to award her damages that took right into account the "full lot of damage that"s been done come her."

The jury put 51% that the fault on Barrett, if the hotel"s monitoring company, Windsor resources Group, and also its owner, West end Hotel Partners, to be 49% responsible.

Andrews, a Fox sporting activities correspondent, worked for ESPN at the moment of the incident.

during her testimony, Andrews stated she has actually suffered due to the fact that of the video for the last seven years. She was required to seek aid in taking care of the trauma and now has an intricate strategy for checking out hotels she stays in. Her parents told the court that she was a "shell" that her previous self.

The jury of seven women and also five men uncovered both Barrett and Windsor Capital, the hotel monitoring company, responsible.

after the verdict, andrew tweeted her many thanks to the jury and others, consisting of other stalking victims. "I"ve been honored by all the support from victims roughly the world," she wrote.

— Erin andrews (

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ErinAndrews) march 7, 2016

The suit alleged the Barrett was able to film andrew while she to be nude by manipulating the peephole on her hotel room door.

according to Andrews" attorneys, Barrett to be told through hotel employee which room she was remaining in and also asked come be placed in the room alongside hers.

The hotel companies said during the trial that the video clip was completely Barrett"s fault and that he asserted sole obligation for obtaining Andrews" name.

The defense"s lawyer, Marc Dedman, stated at a short press conference after the verdict the the instance has "changed" the hotel industry, which has taken procedures to protect against such incidents.

Erin Andrews pipeline court after ~ the jury"s verdict was read.

In her regularly emotional testimony, Andrews thorough how the video has forever changed how she travels.

As shortly as she gets to a hotel -- nevertheless of the city -- she alters her room from the one she was originally booked in, andrew told the jurors. She likewise tells the front desk a male is traveling with her also when there isn"t one.

andrews doesn"t permit anyone to lug her bags to her room, uses a "do not disturb" sign, and also doesn"t permit room company to supply food.

She claimed she completely checks the bed, the clock, the air air conditioning grate and also especially the restroom for covert cameras and also looks because that the telltale red lights of feasible hidden recorders.

Andrews said she covers the peephole and also won"t remain in a room with an adjoining room.

Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly reported when the tape recording was made.