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Sports reporter Erin Andrews has settled her lawsuit versus the hotel owners and management agency held liable for her being videotaped in her room without she consent by a stalker in 2008.

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"This legal action is over," Randall Kinnard, a lawyer who stood for Andrews, said, via the Tennessean. "Erin andrew is satisfied v the settlement, the regards to which space confidential."

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Andrews to be seeking $75 million in her civil suit against West end Hotel Partners, the owners of the Nashville Marriott in ~ Vanderbilt University, and also the hotel"s management company and stalker Michael David Barrett. She claimed the hotel and staff allowed Barrett — who pleaded guilty in a criminal trial — to videotape she while she to be nude in 2008.

On in march 7, a jury found that the owners and management company of the Nashville hotel room liable and vested the Fox sporting activities reporter $55 million in damages.

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Jurors had to unanimously determine the financial damages to be payment to Andrews, and also how those damages would be divided in between the hotel ownership group and also the hotel monitoring company. Barrett was found to it is in 51 percent in ~ fault, while the hotel was found to it is in 49 percent in ~ fault.


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