Erin Brady and also Antonio Capasso were an alleged to it is in married on Nov. 9, 2013 — but there was one slight conflict: the bride-to-be, that was crowned miss USA in June 2013, found out the she would have to be in Moscow, Russia, on Nov. 9 in order to complete for the location of miss out on Universe. (And that, five yes, miss out on USA is not permitted to tie the knot throughout her year-long reign anyway.) no a problem.

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“I wanted the day come be around elegance, romance and also glamour,” claims Erin. “The significance of sophistication.” The stunning trumpet-style danielle Caprese gown through cream lace and intricate beading the Erin claimed “yes” to in ~ Kleinfeld in brand-new York (on an episode that aired in season 12 of the popular TLC show) collection the tone. Together did her sophisticated bouquets: One, a heady flow of red roses and cream calla lilies through diamond accents, design by flowers by daniel in Trumbull; the other, a bejeweled and also bedazzled number do from brooches by Jeweled Bouquets in Preston. “I love that I get to keep it forever,” states Erin.

As for your reception in ~ Aria in Prospect, the was quite the par-tay — as Erin and Tony’s 470 (!) guests deserve to most definitely attest. DJ it is Entertainment the Harrison, N.Y., had actually the dance floor in the cool ballroom packed — and even managed to talk the bride and also groom into spinning some tunes of your own and launching themselves off a set of speaker to execute a little crowd surfing. “When i watch the video, that looks like we’re in the center of a night club,” laughs Erin. A lavish night society bursting v red roses that additionally happens to have a sushi bar, a lamb-chop bar, a four-course dinner spread, a crêpe bar, a gelato bar and a liquid buffet by treat Me Sweet of Tuckahoe, N.Y., “with more sweets 보다 I can ever dream of,” says Erin.

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And in ~ the end of the night, miss out on USA 2013 even had a brand-new title: Mrs. Capasso — and a brand-new “pageant” sash, draft by the finest man, come prove it.

“This is the ideal title of lock all,” admits Erin. “Being miss out on USA was a year-long fairytale — but at the finish the pumpkin goes ago to normal. This is reality. This is the beginning of my true life. Ours life.”

venue Aria, Prospect

photographer Studio 1923

videographer incentive in Motion

floral design flower by Danielle

broche bouquet Jeweled Bouquets (Danielle Aspinwall)

candy bar law me Sweet

dj it is Entertainment

moving statues TEN31 Productions

cigar bar Connecticut Cigar Company

hair/makeup Naomi"s Studio & Salon, Newington (makeup: Naomi Martinez; hair: Tonya)

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