Say the name Erin and also you think, strong, tough, stubborn and also sexy. Erin is all that and also definitely more. She is a modern “David” who loves a good brawl with today’s “Goliaths.” She thrives on being the voice for those that don’t know exactly how to yell. She is a rebel. She is a fighter. She is a mother. She is a woman. She is you and also me.

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It’s to be 12 years because Julia Roberts starred in the Oscar-winning tourism de force “Erin”. The film turned one unknown legal researcher into a 20th century symbol by showcasing exactly how her dogged persistence to be the impelling force behind the biggest medical settlement lawsuit in history. Due to the fact that then, Erin hasn’t been relaxing on she laurels… she proceeds to hit hard and also win big!

This gutsy broad doesn’t apologize for that she is. She has constantly loved walking head come head through the huge boys and also was never intimated by your bravado. She learned just how to come the end on peak from her tight-knit mid-western household in Lawrence, Kansas. Erin was the youngest boy of an commercial engineer father and journalist mother. She parents always believed the she can do noþeles she collection her mind come if she learned to emphasis her remarkable energy.

After a few years roaming around at assorted colleges, Erin determined that she want to be a California girl. She very first landed a project as a administration trainee for K-Mart but when that didn’t make her swagger, she made decision to study electrical engineering. But that wasn’t enough for the Kansas beauty… ~ above a fluke, she gotten in the miss out on Pacific coastline beauty pageant… and, not surprising, won the title.

When she realized that beauty pageants weren’t her thing, Erin, she husband and also two children resolved in Reno, Nevada. After ~ divorcing, the single mother became a secretary in ~ a brokerage firm where she met and married her second husband. However that marital relationship was brief lived and also the now mom of 3 was solo again.

Up till this point, Erin was the average divorced solitary mother trying to make a living… till she crossed paths with lawyer, Ed Masry, and adjusted the course of both their lives.

After being seriously injured in a traffic accident in Reno, Erin moved ago to California’s san Fernando Valley, and hired Masry & Vititoe to stand for her. They won a tiny settlement but she still needed work for this reason she obtained a job at their law firm as a record clerk, it to be while organizing files on a agree bono actual estate instance that Erin first found medical records that would explode right into the largest direct activity lawsuit in us history.

Erin’s exhaustive examination uncovered the Pacific Gas & electric had been poisoning the small town that Hinkley’s Water for over 30 years. The was because of Erin’s unwavering tenacity the PG & E had actually been exposed because that leaking toxicity Chromium 6 right into the ground water. This poison affected the health and wellness of the population of Hinkley. In 1996, as a result of the biggest direct activity lawsuit the its kind, spear-headed by Erin and Ed Masry, the utility huge was forced to pay the end the largest toxic tort injury negotiation in united state history: $333 million in damages to much more than 600 Hinkley residents.

The story and also eventual film aided make the “Erin” a household name. Over time, Erin realized that she can use she notoriety come spread optimistic messages of an individual empowerment and also to encourage others to stand up and also make a difference.

Then, for three seasons, Erin held the lifetime series, “Final Justice with Erin”. The show commemorated everyday women who triumphed when confronted with overwhelming adversity.Erin has overcame all forms of media… Her first TV job was ABC’s 2001 distinct “Challenge America v Erin” wherein she aided motivate and also organize the rebuilding that a dilapidated park in downtown Manhattan. This display is finest described as “Extreme Make-Over house Edition” on steroids.

Erin then dominated the human being of publishing with her brand-new York Times service best-seller, “Take that From Me. Life’s A Struggle, yet You deserve to Win”.

Because of her fighting spirit, Erin has end up being the champion of numerous women and men. She is this generations, “Dear Abby” and in reality receives thousands of “Dear Erin” letters and also emails annually from people who are begging for assist and assistance in their own personal struggles. Erin proudly answers every one of them.

As president of research study & Consulting, she is currently affiliated in countless environmental tasks worldwide.

Erin is just one of the many requested speaker on the international lecture circuit and travels the civilization for personal appearances.

Erin is a true American hero who’s icon status and “stick-to-it-iveness” only fuels her determination to disclose injustice and lend her voice come those who perform not have one.

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She has requests because that her help in ground water contamination complaints in every state that the US, Australia and other international hot spots. She is right now working on instances in California, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Illinois and Missouri.

Erin resides in southerly California v her husband, three children and 5 Pomeranians and admits to one guilty pleasure… shopping!