For the past 40 years we’ve kind of doubt actress Erin Gray has been conserving the universe. Oh, sure, she had actually a solid stint together Kate Summers-Stratton on the ‘80s Ricky Schroder sitcom silver Spoons (now component of the Antenna TV line-up), but it was as Colonel Wilma Deering ~ above the 1979 sci-fi series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (airing on the MeTV Network) that she has continued to record the imaginations that a pair of generations the fans. In fact, it’s that coupled with an appearance — the is, in many ways, a throwback to Buck — top top the CW’s collection Pandora which hardly provides it surprising the she answers her phone, “Heroes because that Hire.”

Now, before anyone thinks Erin’s shed her senses and also is donning Wilma’s uniform and running about California v a fake blaster searching for alien evildoers, she’s in reality CEO of claimed Heroes for Hire, i m sorry is a company that publications actors and also actresses ~ above the comic book/convention circuit around the world.

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Luna Eclipse

Erin knew she might do something, yet needed to wrap she head approximately what it might be. Climate an opportunity quite accurate presented itself in the type of actress BarBara Luna, who has appeared on dozens the TV reflects — despite is likely best remembered as Lt. Marlena Moreau in the initial Star Trek TV series episode “Mirror, Mirror.” She to be the one who slowly introduced Erin come the convention world. Recalls Erin, “BarBara called me and said, ‘You’re walk to walk to this place and also you’re going to show up through 600 photos, you’re walk to sign them because that a most fans and you’re walk to contact me up and also say give thanks to you."” for this reason I went to my an initial convention center and there to be this huge line roughly the building. I uncovered the promoter, presented myself and also asked, ‘By the way, what is that line for?’ he said, ‘Oh, that’s for you.’ so I gotten in this whole brand-new world and also had a great time. I delighted in meeting the fans and also being told that I’m the factor they went into the Marines and became a fighter pilot and that sort of thing. Ns really no know exactly how the character had associated with so plenty of young women and so plenty of men together well.”


The company Grows

Before her following convention, she was talking to her Buck Rogers costar, Gil Gerard, who, upon hearing about her experience, wanted to gain involved and promised her 10% the his take. She tried come refuse, but he insisted. “He said, ‘I’m walk to do you occupational for it,’ and also he did. Then Marc Singer native the movie Beastmaster and the TV collection V — I’d operated with his sister, Lori, and also we knew each various other — referred to as me up and also said, ‘I want to go to the following convention.’ ns said, ‘OK. And also it’s 10%.’ unexpectedly the organization is off and running.”


The original Goal

“When I began the company,” she continues, “I wanted to it is in of service to world who wanted to accumulate others. It didn’t quite work out that way, but in a method it did. What I find is that actors are great storytellers and also these conventions are a opportunity for them to walk out and also share their knowledge and also dreams and also inspire people. Among the actors the firm represents, Neal McDonough, says, ‘I live because that the Q and also As with the fans. If ns can obtain off the stage and know I’ve inspired somebody in the audience to make the right choices in your lives, i feel like I’ve done my job.’”


Early Days

Erin to be born January 7, 1950 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Interestingly, she clearly remembers the things that would draw her to both acting and modeling. “When ns was 5 years old, I remained in the kindergarten play. My mommy was never able to pertained to school or see whatever program ns was in also though ns begged her to. But I walk on stage and also all ns remember is I had this line, ‘Doctor, doctor, come quick, quick, quick. My infant is sick, sick sick,’ and right once I obtained halfway with that, my mom walked in the door at the back of the auditorium and I proceeded to cry. The audience was simply amazed and also I thought, what did i do? Oh, i think I got everybody’s attention in this room.’ So the was one point that happened.”

“The other thing, come be really honest, is i became mindful at a young period that my look brought with that a certain power,” Erin continues, not through arrogance yet as a matter of fact explanation. “I to speak power, because it can also be supplied as a threat against you. In various other words, I experienced at a young period stalkers the really had actually an impact.”

A rotate to Modeling

Although Erin’s mother wanted her to attend college — i beg your pardon she did do, briefly, at UCLA — in her at an early stage teens she recognized that the academic life was no for her. “The modeling world opened up because that me in ~ a really young age,” says Erin, who obtained her an initial modeling assignment in St. Louis as soon as she was 14, and progressed native there. “It ended up being this other method of making a living, wherein I can be an ext in manage of mine life in terms of where i worked. I might travel roughly the world, I might get a great education by just going with the various countries that I can have learned about in the classroom. So I might actually go there and make a living at the very same time, and also that really appealed come me. I guess you might say I liked being on mine own. Ns was fortunate to go off ~ above my very own at a time — which was the ‘60s — when we were every breaking the rules. I wanted to discover the world, and modeling provided me the opportunity.”

‘Malibu U’

Modeling additionally led she to Los Angeles and also TV Commercials, but, she explains, “Once I began with a modeling agency, I had actually visions the myself together being a high fashion model, which i wasn’t. I at some point learned the you should be yourself. They want to see the genuine you; someone else can be exotic. So at one allude I went into a publish job for teen magazine, which I believed was a print job. Castle said, ‘Can you dance?’ ns said, ‘Sure, what do you want to see?’ and I went into The Monkey, The swim … whatever was popular in ’65 or ’66. Then i go home and also my agent calls me increase going, ‘Erin, what did girlfriend do? You’re currently one the the dancers top top Ricky Nelson’s Malibu U.’” That series featured pop star Ricky Nelson as the dean the a fictitious college, where music stars of the time would perform when a week. Erin discovered herself billed together a “Malibeauty Dancer.” A summer instead of series, it lasted 7 episodes.

“But that,” she clues out, “is what driven me right into this career, since there’s a component of me that’s fearless, innocent and also stupid and doesn’t know what i’m doing. Yet another part of me that just kept acquisition chance. Why not? You desire to check out me dance? Sure, stop dance.”

Embracing Acting

By the mid-1970s, Erin was reportedly one of the top models working tv commercials, pulling in $100,000 a year. While modeling in Los Angeles, she additionally began auditioning for acting roles. In 1978 she guest-starred in an illustration of Police Story. That same year she played reporter Gail McKinnon in the four-hour miniseries evening in Byzantium. “The doors would certainly open because I was a model, but the mental thought behind everyone was, ‘Can friend act?’” she explains. “So you saw acting classes. Over there was constantly a inquiry of whether I had acting ability or not, but component of me inside is screaming, ‘I have 30 minute of commercials on TV every day. There must be something the general public likes, so give me a chance.’ yet I had no credits, i beg your pardon is why I ended up going under contract to universal Studios, because I essential credits. I was 28 years old and in the modeling people I’m getting too old and need to start transitioning out. I can see that train ending. It’s extended much much longer now, however at the time it was something I essential to think about, prefer if ns was an athlete where you only get so plenty of years.”

The roadway to ‘Buck Rogers’

The contract through Universal no necessarily all the she thought it would be. For starters, she to be being payment $600 a week, meaning that she had to continue modeling to complement it. On top of that, she found that she had little control over she life. “When i was shooting night in Byzantium, top top my last night, which walk from 6 p.m. Until 6 a.m., the studio referred to as me and said, ‘We’d favor you come come in at 10:00 a.m. For display screen tests for Buck Rogers.’ ‘I’m sorry, I simply finished a four-to-six week shoot and this is my critical night and also you desire me display screen test for Buck Rogers? i haven’t review a script. I know nothing about this project. Please let me walk home and also we can do this one more day.’ ‘Nope.’ I came in through such an attitude. And also I got the part.”

What’s it all About, Buck?

The personality of Buck Rogers was originally developed in 1928 by Philip Francis Nowlan in comic strips, novellas, radio, television and also movie serials. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century appeared to have actually two influences from its era: Star Wars and also disco (which isn’t together strange a description as it sound if you watch a couple of episodes). The emphasis is on 20th Century NASA/USAF pilot Captain wilhelm Anthony “Buck” Rogers, who is plunged right into suspended animation for 504 years, awakening in 2491 whereby he eventually works with the earth Defense Directorate together Erin’s Wilma Deering. Because that Erin, working in sci-fi was most likely as strange together the world that Buck found himself in.

What Language Is This?

“I was scared to fatality on the one hand,” claims Erin. “You know, ‘Oh, this is scientific research fiction, which way that whatever I’m dealing with isn’t real.’ there’s no common telephone, ns saying native that room a little Greek and also a little Latin put together to make something new. The only way I thought I might get through it was just shot to make it as actual as I perhaps could. Ns think it was Barbara Stanwyck who said, ‘Speak the truth and also the character will play itself.’ that was sort of my guiding force. For this reason it’s like, ‘OK, simply make it real. Simply commit to the realness the this.’ friend know, use my memory training to develop the reality and also sort the commit come it.”

Living Fearlessly

“Again, ns throw myself right into things that are scary and hope for the best,” Erin continues. “The other thing is that there’s a part of mine personality the is fearless, however there’s additionally a part of mine personality that has encountered a particular amount of abuse in mine life. Therefore there’s a very fragile part, right? yes sir a part that is not used to speak up for herself. I was elevated as an just child in the old case where kids are to be seen and also not heard. I never felt the flexibility to speak increase or controversy or discuss specific things. My mom was a single mom and working lengthy hours and had come fend for herself. Walking in come Colonel Wilma Deering, I had actually to think, ‘How does a colonel act? how does a colonel attitude themselves, exactly how do they organize themselves, exactly how do castle speak, just how do they react?’ I’ve never ever been a colonel in mine life or a commanding officer or anything choose that, so that was favor putting top top a cloak of strength. I obtained to ~ pretend to it is in strong, and also it was a really wonderful exploration to carry that in ~ myself. It to be an chance for me to work-related that muscle and see how it felt. The absolutely had an influence on mine life.”

Playing that Straight

Gil Gerard was famed as a cut-up top top the set; the jokester and also the guy always looking to lighten points up. Erin … no so much. “My household knows that i am and always will it is in the directly man,” she admits. “It’s just just how my brain works. On Buck Rogers, ns still the brand-new kid and still do the efforts to discover things. Day-to-day at lunchtime they would look at the dailies from the day prior to in a theater. For this reason I would go in there and sort the huddle down in the an initial row, therefore the director, editor and producers didn’t recognize I was there. I’d just watch and also listen, and also every job I would certainly watch myself when they stated “action” and clapped the slate. Well during that duration while lock were setting up the shot and the camera to be still rolling because that a few seconds, there to be Gil always cutting up, constantly telling a joke, never stopped, and also then there was me, miss out on Serious. No a good image I want to project. Ns mean, i take my task seriously and I didn’t have actually Gil’s witty, charming personality. I have actually my own, but it’s different. So I chose to beat a joke. I come in one day and also said to the cameraman, ‘When the step is over and also they speak ‘cut,’ please save the camera rolling.’ the was an extremely nice come accommodate me. Ns think it to be ‘Planet the the slave Girls’ and we’re shoot this scene where we’re being thrown right into this volcano and also definitely going to die. They go ‘cut,’ and also I rotate around and say, ‘You know, the really challenging being an egg. Girlfriend only obtain laid once, consumed once and also it take away 10 minutes to acquire hard.’

Erin the Jokester

“Well,” she elaborates, “first there was dead silence and then you observed the ladder with the men holding the lights beginning to shake, just dying that laughter. Nobody meant that out of me. Indigenous that suggest on it became, like, who going to get the hoax on camera this week? Gil, that course, had actually to peak me, for this reason it to be a consistent back and also forth. Gil is very funny and there would certainly be times as soon as I would certainly say to him, ‘Just shut the f–k up. Just stop. I’ve obtained a stitch in mine side and I can not remember mine lines anymore.’ yet that’s just his natural way.”

Looking earlier at ‘Buck Rogers’

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century ran for two periods (which is surprising when one considers just how well-remembered the show is by therefore many), and also it became an endure that to be … alien … come Erin in a lot of ways. “There to be episodes that ns like an ext than others,” she reflects. “It to be a little out there for me in regards to sci-fi. Ns the girl who likes every the cop procedural shows. My an initial book was, like, Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie and also I walk from there. Ns wasn’t into sci-fi other than for things favor Fahrenheit 451 or The Twilight Zone. So ns didn’t really know Buck Rogers. Among the biggest things around the show for me to be meeting several of the gibbs that ns looked increase to, prefer Anne Jeffreys indigenous Topper — she was my favorite actress farming up. Or Jack Palance, who lugged this energy in life to the set.”

The influence of Wilma Deering

Her best takeaway from the collection is no doubt the personality of Wilma Deering, and its affect on both her and, as formerly noted, the audience. “I wanted to be her,” Erin points out. “I didn’t desire to take it crap indigenous anybody, you know? That aided that part of me to grow and, as it’s turned out, I influenced other females to be strong. I don’t feel responsible in one method because ns didn’t go the end there and also lead the means or other — it just happened. But I’m really grateful because that it. That a details legacy that I have actually that i’m honored to have actually been part of.”

Mixed Blessing

When the show was over, Erin discovered the suffer to be something the a combined blessing. “When I obtained Buck Rogers, it was like gaining the golden ring. I worked hard, ns studied every those years in exhilaration class, i traveled to Los Angeles and also stuck that out. In ~ the exact same time, I had a baby, so the timing was not really optimal. Also, ns was ~ above the set for so long, because that so many hours, and sometimes sleeping in mine dressing room over night, because there to be no allude in driving an hour to her home and then steering an hour back to the studio. Ns might too just continue to be in mine dressing room kind of thing. Yet that pulled me far from my obligations as a mother and also it simply killed me. I finished up relocating so the I could be close come the studio so I could just drive house at lunchtime and just hug and feed mine baby. Then head ago to the studio.”

‘Silver Spoons’

Following Buck Rogers, Erin showed up in several TV series as a guest star, including Fantasy Island, Magnum P.I., The autumn Guy and Simon & Simon. In 1982, she reverted to continual TV play Kate Summers-Stratton in Ricky Schroder’s sitcom silver- Spoons. “That was great,” Erin enthuses, “because I had the ideal schedule one actress can ever expect for. Girlfriend didn’t have actually table reads top top Monday till noon, and also then the chances are maybe we placed it on its feet for around an hour or two and then head home. Therefore I might pick increase my son from school every day, I can take that to school every day. I uncover driving youngsters to school is the finest time to uncover out whatever that’s walk on in their head. So it is a precious time because that me as a mom. I loved being a mom and also being a wife. I loved cooking and doing wifey things. And also because Ricky walk to institution in the mornings, that supposed we didn’t walk to work-related until noon.

The joy of Sitcoms

“I loved silver- Spoons,” she elaborates. “It no Shakespeare, but it to be a family members drama in a sitcom style that encountered family ethics. Several of the messages might be corny, yet I to be proud the the job-related there. It to be a different muscle for me come use. Choose I said, ns was always a right man and didn’t recognize anything about comedy. Also when ns was working v Ricky Nelson and also playing the airhead ‘dumb blonde’ on the beach in mine polka-dot bikini, yet for me, here I to be 17 year old and they’re providing me these yes, really stupid jokes to say and also I didn’t know just how to plot them. Therefore I’d say them with an pure deadpan face and it was hysterical. Yet I didn’t understand what i was doing, they just happened to favor it. So later on with silver- Spoons, Joel Higgins was brilliant in ~ comedy and a an excellent teacher. Working v Ricky and also the remainder of the cast was an excellent — and Jason Bateman was a pleasure. Also at 15 we all knew he was going to be a star.”

A career Derailed

Silver Spoons finished its run in 1987, no long before the writers Guild that America go on a 153 day strike (the longest in history), which essentially shut under Hollywood. Erin feels the her career certainly took a hit as a result. “You quickly learn the this business is for this reason strange,” she says. “One minute you’re a star, the following you’re nobody. The following you’re ago to gift a star again and also it’s back and forth. The an exciting ride. For example, i remembering being on Buck Rogers and also The Tonight present with Johnny Carson and also I’m parking in Johnny’s place and also all that. Then Buck Rogers it s okay canceled and also seven days later on I walk to the very same lot and also couldn’t acquire on. I had an audition and had to park 6 blocks own and walk back for this audition in the warm of the valley. Assumption: v I’m not a star anymore.”

Regime Changes

“After i finished silver Spoons, every studio want to work-related with me and also I was acquisition meetings with everyone. But I wasn’t ready to make a decision simply yet and thought I had actually time. Now had I agreed come do one of those shows that were offered to me, and also the to win happened, i would have actually still to be paid. Yet I didn’t and over the food of the win the money to be draining. Then, win ends and all brand-new studio regimes came in v a whole different agenda. Enough time had gone by wherein the bloom to be off. I was able to guest star, but getting another collection at that time no happen. In ~ the same time, I finished up obtaining a divorce.”

Heroes because that Hire

Which, essentially, brings things back to Heroes for Hire and also this brand-new stage in she life — i beg your pardon is going just fine, say thanks to you an extremely much. “I truly believe that where you place your focus, that’s what grows,” Erin muses. “I had actually to focus on my firm and my company then demanded I spend time with it if i was going to keep it going. For this reason it’s to be this dance of, ‘I’d love to work, however I am working.’ i have never functioned harder together owner of mine own firm than I ever have in my life. Yes sir no doubt.”


Erin proceeds to act and, in fact, renders a September 10 guest appearance on the CW’s summer sci-fi hit, Pandora. The collection focuses on the title character (played by Priscilla Quintana) who, in the year 2199, has actually lost everything yet finds a brand-new life at Earth’s space Training Academy — whereby she learns to defend the galaxy from a range of threats (one of which might actually be herself). Erin guest stars together a ship captain (she ultimately gets a promotion from colonel!) who finds herself associated in the unfolding an enig of the series. “When I read the script,” Erin recalls, “I mental going, ‘Oh, my God, that a Buck Rogers script. I haven’t read one of these in a long time.’ That’s exactly how I felt. Climate I’d review through it and say, ‘That kind of reminds me of that movie … i wonder if lock referencing that movie.’ then I gain on the collection in Bulgaria one I find out that everything is do a referral to miscellaneous sci-fi, even if it is it be my costar’s uniform or also my uniform, which is a take it on Buck Rogers. Ns realizing ns working through a bunch of sci-fi boys — the producers and also director — who are having fun, which is great. So there’s that sense of play, and it was fun to delve into that.”

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Tai Chi because that Life

But nothing — not Pandora, no Heroes for Hire — compares come her enthusiasm for tai chi, an interior Chinese martial arts that is practice for its protective training health benefits and also meditation. “I teach tai chi and, if I had my druthers, I would certainly be to teach it every the time, every day come everybody top top the planet,” Erin reflects. “To me, the is the ultimate exercise and also I’ve done everything from training marathons to aerobic classes, jumping rope to climbing mountains to you surname it. It’s the one exercise for everybody because that the rest of your lives. That a means to strengthen your immune system, calm your mind and give you great tools come survive. Versatility is the vital to great health and longevity — and also not only versatility of the body, but of the mind and also the spirit.”

Final Thoughts

With every one of that in mind — and the trip she’s been on native 15-year-old girl who made decision to come to be a model, conserving the galaxy as part of Buck Rogers and, now, Pandora; developing her own agency and truly living a tai chi life — how does she see her an individual journey? “I feel really blessed,” Erin replies simply. “There’s no doubt i have had world come right into my life there is no whom i don’t think I’d it is in the person I to be today. Ns feel really blessed because that the gene my parents gave me and their acumen. I’m glad ns did it my way, also though i made some mistakes. I’ve been really blessed with beautiful children and an incredible husband — my 2nd husband — who I’ve been married to for 27 years. I pinch myself every day. I’m glad i took chances. I’m glad ns took risks.”