It could not have its’ roots in Sevier County, beginning in Nashville part sixty-two years ago, but if you’re a true nation Music fan, you simply can’t visit Pigeon create without a visit come the Ernest Tubb record Shop.

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The company, i m sorry was started by its legend namesake in 1947 as a way to help Country Music fans uncover their favorite records, has expanded over the years from the two locations in Music City come Pigeon Forge, and also at the well known Stockyards in fort Worth, Texas.

If you’re in search of anything native Roy Acuff come Faron Young (and all points in between), you should stop by this legend store. Their an option is mind-boggling. Be all set to take it all in, however. There are plenty of times that I have left the store, got about two or three miles under the road, and realized that ns didn’t look because that this artist or that artist.

Two of the many unique elements of the Ernest Tubb document Shops’ an option are package sets the they carry. Bear family members Records, a firm based in Germany, has actually released numerous multi-disc packages the artist such as Connie Smith, Buck Owens, and also of course, Ernest Tubb. (It would certainly stand to reason, would it not?)

One the the many incredible packages they have actually at Ernest Tubb is a sixteen-CD, 446-cut box containing almost everything that Jim Reeves ever before recorded. Save in mind, this sets aren’t for the pass out at heart—or price, either. However, castle do have hundreds that CD’s priced in ~ $9.98 or lower, offering country Music fans of all budgets a opportunity to gain the music.

The store additionally carries an unexplained amount the vinyl. Think it or not, some record providers still relax records—although in restricted amounts. Current releases through George Strait, Sugarland, Jamey Johnson, and also Lee Ann Womack can all be uncovered in the recorded kind that countless still believe sounds ideal today. But…there’s more, one can also find a an excellent deal the vintage vinyl native acts such as Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, and Ernest Tubb. There should be a factor his documents are here in an excellent abundance!

The keep is a jewel because that those that take into consideration themselves to be pan of country Music. Whether your tastes room for today’s sexty acts prefer Trace Adkins or Rascal Flatts or legends choose Eddy Arnold or Patsy Cline, girlfriend will find what girlfriend are in search of here.

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Their employees space all an extremely friendly, and very knowledgeable around the music they sell. Sometimes, you can offer them a couple of lines from a song, and they will know exactly what you space looking for…and what album it is on. That’s called service, my friends, and also you’ll discover it wait on you in ~ the Ernest Tubb record Shop.