SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The month that October has another name approximately these components - Sharktober. With a rarely sighting of a good white shark in the bay earlier this week, ferociously catching its lunch, it might seem like negative timing because that swimmers to plan a race across the bay.

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But that"s exactly what"s happening Saturday.Long prior to the big triathlon dubbed Escape indigenous Alcatraz, the initial escape native Alcatraz was lot tougher.VIDEO: increase close and personal look at "biggest shark ever before filmed""It"s an extremely unique and also strenuous in terms of triathlons," one swimmer said.Every year, mountain Francisco"s Dolphin society still runs the old course, starting with a swim indigenous the rock at short tide.

Bathroom graffiti at SF Dolphin Club mirrors UFO above, and also a shark below. (At least) among these dangers is real...

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The water is cold, the currents are fierce and there"s another threat."You know, when I very first started swimming here, it was around the time that the movie "Jaws" come out," the swimmer said.
But this is no movie. It"s cabinet phone video clip of a great white shark devouring a sea lion appropriate in the bay.
Tap to watch if on news app."I try not come think about it once I"m in the water," a swimmer said, chuckling.Dolphin club swimmers have actually all seen the video. "It"s in the back of her head, if you"re no worried about it you"re simply thinking around it a little bit," another swimmer said.Race organizers say there"s no must panic. "A lot of kayaks, maintaining an eye, we have actually a contingency plan," Shark Stewards director David McGuire said.The Boathouse does have actually a boxing gym and it"s been said punching a shark can help you escape.This menacing jaw indigenous a young white shark is already large enough come bite my whole head off. Currently imagine the jaw indigenous a fully grown great white might be 3 times together wide."They"re huge and they"re ferocious, if you"re a seal or sea lion," Farallones marine Sanctuary"s mar Jane Schramm said.VIDEO: Shark feeds ~ above sea lion near Alcatraz


Video of a great white shark eating a sea lion has easily made the rounds at the Dolphin Swimming society in mountain Francisco, where fairly a few members space training because that a race this weekend. They"ll be jumping in at about the spot where this video was shot.

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In the case, don"t dress favor the mascot because that the Farallones marine Sanctuary, who are preparing for a huge outdoor celebration."We"ve acquired Sharktoberfest and this is our yearly celebration that the return that white sharks," Schramm said.They lurk simply off the shore this time that year and sometimes come into the bay and though swimmers don"t intentionally dress like seals, "If you"re attract a wetsuit, you"re dark and you look more like a seal or a sea lion," McGuire said.But that"s another thing that"s different about the Dolphin Club"s Triathlon."We swim from Alcatraz there is no wetsuits," a swimmer said.The swimmers speak they like their odds. "It"s more likely you"ll gain struck through lightning, therefore I"m not really worried," another swimmer said.Click below for complete coverage top top shark encounters below in the just Area and around the world.

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