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“Monday Night Football” on ESPN do a far-reaching change last year, and everyone observed it indigenous a mile away. Play-by-play announcer Joe Tessitore and color commentator Booger McFarland left the booth after simply two periods on the call, and also the network added an ext excitement to the broadcast booth.

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Whether it to be the BoogerMobile top top the sideline, NSFW pictures attracted on replays or numerous other blunders, the experiment of Tessitore, McFarland and even Jason Witten because that primetime NFL games simply didn’t resonate with fans as ESPN hoped. In part ways, it was also worse than the Sean McDonough and Jon Gruden (now coaching the Raiders) phase after Mike Tirico left. Long gone room the work of names like Don Meredith, open minded Gifford and also Howard Cosell.

ESPN has absolutely tried to add bigger names come the Monday Night soccer booth. They walk after Tony Romo prior to he signed a record deal with CBS. They even tried come orchestrate a trade v NBC come land Al Michaels from “Sunday Night Football” and offer attracted Brees a spot once he decides to retire.

All of this left fans with a brand-new MNF crew critical season consist of of Steve Levy, Brian Griese and Louis Riddick, who were joined by sideline reporter Lisa Salters every Monday night kickoff. They’re earlier this year, yet ESPN is (sort of) adding two massive enhancements to your broadcast team: Peyton Manning and Eli Manning.

Monday Night Football’s transfer Change

It's probably early to heap on, but I'd speak the Monday Night football crew that Joe Tessitore, Jason Witten, and also Booger McFarland is its worst ever — and also I mental the days of Gifford, Namath and also OJ. Pic.twitter.com/KAVJT3yE9V

— glenn Macnow (
RealGlenMacnow) October 17, 2018

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Last season, ESPN rental a crew that Monday Night soccer commentators internally while Joe Tessitore and also Booger McFarland remained with the network. The critical part means Tessitore returned to college football games and enabled ESPN to carry someone up v the ranks.


The network decided longtime ESPNemployee and “SportsCenter” anchor Steve Levy. That was most likely the finest fit, too. Levy is charismatic ~ above the call and also brought a new flare to the MNF broadcasts.

Who would sign up with Levy because that the trending task was the greatest question mark, however.

ESPN provided the gig to Brian Griese, which made feeling considering the two paired up with each other on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2 in 2019. The chemistry is certainly there. Previous NFL player louis Riddick was offered the 3rd spot and also brought a wide range of knowledge to the booth.

In addition, last season, the network’s height college football team that Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit dubbed the first game that MNF’s double-header to open the 2020 season between the new York Giants and also Pittsburgh Steelers.

After the 2020 season, that wasn’t clean if the three-man team would return.

Monday Night soccer Announcers 2021

Now official: ESPN’s new Monday Night football Commentator Team – Steve Levy, Brian Griese and also Louis Riddick. Congratulations come a good team. Lisa Salters and also John Parry additionally return come MNF telecast. First game: Titans in ~ Broncos, the 2nd game the ESPN’s main 1 MNF Doubleheader pic.twitter.com/7Nw8eyenPA

— Adam Schefter (
AdamSchefter) respectable 17, 2020

NEWS: The team the Steve Levy, Brian Griese, and Louis Riddick will return to Monday Night soccer this fall for ESPN. They will certainly be the transfer booth again because that the 2021 NFL season.


— Richard Deitsch (
richarddeitsch) April 23, 2021

Monday Night football 2021 Crew: Steve Levy, Brian Griese, luigi Riddick, Lisa Salters, john Parry

ESPN is maintaining the three-man booth the Steve Levy, Brian Griese and also Louis Riddick for its 2021 Monday Night soccer broadcasts. They’re likewise staying through Salters top top the sideline and officiating analyst john Parry as well.

However, there is one new change comes to ESPN for Monday Night Football: Peyton and Eli Manning.

Peyton & Eli Manning ~ above Monday Night Football

Peyton and Eli Manning will headline a Monday Night FootballMegaCast top top ESPN2 and also ESPN+ because that three seasons through their brand-new agreement. ESPN will produce it in conjunction with Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions. The slated for 10 games each season, starting this year. Pic.twitter.com/sYSdjzhn0I

— Adam Schefter (
AdamSchefter) July 19, 2021

ESPN announced that Peyton Manning and brother Eli Manning will certainly cohost a Monday Night soccer “MegaCast” top top ESPN2 for 10 games because that the 2021 regular season. The alternating broadcast will air the first three mainly of the season, consisting of a mainly 3 matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.


Yes, that means fans will be able to switch earlier and forth between ESPN and also ESPN2 during the Monday Night football game and also catch Peyton and Eli having actually fun. The Mannings will certainly welcome celebrity guest on their broadcast, though it’s not clear that those will certainly be. They join ESPN top top a three-year deal.

One thing is for sure: ESPN having Peyton Manning in the broadcast booth in any capacity seems favor a victory for everyone.

Peyton to be inducted into the pro Football hall of call this year after a legendary career v the Indianapolis Colts and also Denver Broncos. Eli retired after a legendary playoff and two-time super Bowl-winning career through the new York Giants.

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Sure, they understand their football. However they’re simply downright hilarious together.

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