The 2021 NBA All-Star video game will be played Sunday in Atlanta. But due to the fact that of COVID-19, a weekend"s worth of occasions will it is in compressed right into a single night -- the skills an obstacle and 3-point contest will take place pregame, while the dunk contest will act together the halftime show.

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All-Star voting began on Jan. 28, and All-Star starters -- determined through fan voting (which accounts because that 50% that the vote), media vote (25%) and also player vote (25%) -- were announced Jan. 18 on TNT. The to make reservation -- which room voted on by the NBA"s coaches -- to be announced Tuesday ~ above TNT.

After its tremble debut in last season"s All-Star video game in Chicago, the "Elam Ending" will return. So will captains, through the Brooklyn Nets" Kevin Durant and Los Angeles Lakers" LeBron James -- the top fan vote-getters in their particular conferences -- making your selections Thursday because that the showdown at State farm Arena.

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Here is everything you should know, consisting of the pick-by-pick breakdown.

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The NBA All-Star draft is complete

LeBron James and Kevin Durant assembled your superstar rosters. Here"s the pick-by-pick breakdown:

Team LeBron

Team Durant

No love because that the Jazz?

The Utah Jazz have actually the NBA"s ideal record in ~ 27-9. They have actually one that the most potent duos in the league in Donovan Mitchell and also Rudy Gobert. And also they were the last picks in the draft? LeBron and KD have actually some explaining come do:

LeBron said there is no Utah Jazz slander