ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro announced Friday the the network will certainly not wait the nationwide anthem throughout "Monday Night Football."


ESPN chairman Jimmy Pitaro announced Friday the the network will certainly not waiting the nationwide anthem throughout Monday Night Football.

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There might be exceptions as the season roll along, but otherwise the network will certainly not present that section of the game during the preseason, as has actually been the exercise years past.

Pitaro touch on the topic due to the fact that the situation has become a hotly disputed subject about the country, going together high together the White House.

Players have been taking a knee during the national anthem come protest injustices toward African-Americans in the U.S.

A rule adjust was approved by team owners before the start of this preseason, which provides players the protest alternative of continuing to be in the locker room during the national anthem. Need to they take a knee top top the field, they will certainly be fined.

Still, that has not stopped players from acquisition a knee throughout the preseason, currently in its second week.

Donald Trump has made the topic among his major talking clues on society media and at his rallies. The president has called any player who takes a knee a “son the a bitch”and claimed they must be fired.

Last season, the NFL and players union sustained the athletes’ best to peacefully protest.

The very first player to take it a knee, igniting the fuse of the explosive debate, to be Colin Kaepernick.

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