Flea remedies because that cats and dogs don’t need to be toxic! Using vital oils because that fleas ~ above cats and also dogs is a natural, economical way to kills fleas. Make your own crucial oil flea repellent to save money and cut the end chemicals.

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While flea meds prefer Frontline are effective, I hate the method they do my cat feel. ~ watching him loosened his appetite and vigor ~ every chemical-based flea therapy I chose to shot to use crucial oils for fleas by making crucial oil flea repellent for Cricket.

While our sweet kitty Cricket is an at home cat, that escaped to the an excellent outdoors one day last week. I was phone call him various other names besides “Sweet Kitty Cricket” as I was chasing him through the woods beyond our garden while trying come make sure Sweet T and also Gus continued to be safe in the Barbie Jeep. Funny times!

Mom! Those bird aren’t going to torture themselves to death. Let me the end there!

Since Cricket’s outdoor adventures are minimal to the screened-in deck, us really haven’t have a flea problem since we moved to this house. However, after his foray right into the woods i noticed a couple of fleas ~ above him. If you’re a cat owner you recognize the locations they prefer to hang out: throat, belly, and also head.

Normally ns would turn to over-the-counter object monthly flea treatments despite the truth that Cricket becomes sluggish and also looses his appetite for around 24 hrs after application. I always feel bad about it, however what’s a mama come do? Can’t have actually fleas!

Essential Oil Flea Repellent

Enter this necessary oil flea repellent come the rescue!


Purification vital Oil: note that because that effectiveness and safety once using crucial oils because that fleas top top cats and dogs, I only use Young Living important oils on my family, including our pet. Please execute not apply a cheap bottle of oil that you bought at the wellness food keep to her cat. Because of dilution and low criter of quality, it might be ineffective at best and toxic at worst. Click the connect to discover why I decided Young life after researching dozens of other oil brands.

Two autumn of Young life Purification blend and also the fleas haven’t been watched since! best of every Cricket acted favor his common self after making use of this vital oil flea repellent.


Since this to be a mild situation of fleas i haven’t had to reapply essential oils because that fleas. If your kitty has actually a more severe instance you may need to use two drops double per main or much more until they room under control. Because that indoor-only cats, this works simply fine.

Natural alternatives like vital oils for fleas likewise work because that the farm cat at my sister-in-law’s property, however they live in an area with less of a flea (and mosquito) problem than we do. If your kitty walk outdoors in a flea-prone area, you’ll probably need hardcore chemical treatments to store the fleas off. Boo. I know. It’s no optimal, but neither is one infestation.

Essential Oils safe for Cats

Note that cat metabolize oils in different way than humans so always err top top the side of caution. Just to it is in on the safe side I keep Cricket away from oils or oil blends include citrus. Also remember that much less is an ext when it pertains to essential oils, especially when it comes to cats. After applying 1-2 drops, be sure to wait numerous days prior to reapplying. Never douse your cat with necessary oil no issue how bad his fleas are! and also as through humans, take into consideration using a transport oil (I prefer to usage coconut oil) with your fall in case there is a skin sensitivity. Cricket was fine v two drops used “neat” (directly with no transport oil) yet if girlfriend aren’t sure about your kitty’s tolerance simply dilute in her hand with a little bit of transport oil before applying.

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Using crucial Oils because that Cats

Watch the video clip below to learn more about making use of Young Living important Oils because that cats and also which important oils for sure for cat you have to choose from once it concerns essential oils because that fleas.

There are various other oils that work-related to get rid of fleas, but due to the fact that Purification comes in her Young living Premium Starter Kit, and also is an inexpensive choice so I wanted to spread out the word around it. Listed below are a few other options:

What crucial Oils kill Fleas?


Remember that while making use of citrus or pine necessary oils to death fleas may be effective, they are not important oils safe for cats!

Now you know exactly how to eliminate fleas on cats the organic way! at 5 cents per drop, it’s certain cheaper than Frontline. Your pet will say thanks to you for not using toxic chemistry to his skin. When you’re pampering her feline friend, why no make that some fun cat toys out of alcohol corks?