A flea invasion with our 4 legged friends can be a nightmare. So can using advertisement flea assets which are toxic to you and also your dog’s health.

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If you ask her vet, they will gladly market you a commercial flea & tick product.

However, with proper care you have the right to terminate fleas on a natural approach. And also yes friend can also save a buck or two!

Tips & safety and security Precautions

#1 be Mindful as soon as Using vital Oils

Be careful when applying essential oils and also don’t overdo them. Remember that your pet’s sense of odor is much stronger 보다 yours.

Concentrated vital oils require dilution prior to use (see #2 below)Apply oils in a breezy or ventilated areaAvoid spraying in dog’s face

#2 Dilute with a transport Oil

Dilute through a carrier oil before using on your dog. Be certain to usage a transport oil such as:

Coconut OilJojoba OilAvocado OilGrapeseed Oil

Use 5-10 drops and also dilute 80-90%.

#3 listen To your Dog

Let her dog odor each bottle, undiluted, v the lid on and also asses his reaction. Let her dog refuse or expropriate oils!

If she objects to any type of spray or oil you have made, don’t usage it. Mine dogs acquire edgy with certain essential oils. I keep a newspaper of any reactions mine dogs have to refine my recipes.

Recommended important Oils for Fleas & Ticks top top Dogs

Lavender crucial Oil for Dogs accessible now native priziv.orgLavender important Oil

Great for warding off Ticks & Soothe your Pet’s Skin

The aroma will aid keep fleas and ticks away. Lavender oil repels ticks and prevents tick eggs from hatching. Lavender oil soothes your dog’s skin and helps avoid infection.

Add 5-10 autumn of undiluted lavender important oil to her dog’s shampoo. Diffuse lavender oil in your house to defeat fleas and also ticks.

Lemongrass crucial Oil because that Dogs obtainable now indigenous priziv.orgLemongrass essential Oil

Repels Fleas

The odor of lemongrass oil is unpleasant for fleas. It’s energetic ingredient (citral and geraniol) acts as a natural repellent.

Add 5 autumn of oil come water to mix your own spray, then apply the spray to her pet’s coat. Girlfriend can also diffuse the oil in your home.

Cedar important Oil because that Dogs available now native priziv.orgCedar essential Oil

Repels & kills Fleas and Ticks

Cedar oil is the go-to repellent for numerous of my friends. It is easily accessible for usage on dogs and also pets or in your home. 

Add a couple of drops that Cedar oil come a transport oil.

Diffusing Cedar oil will permit the anti-parasitic molecule to be released into the air and kill off any kind of fleas and ticks.

Frankincense Oil crucial for Dogs easily accessible now native priziv.orgFrankincense vital Oil

Wound & Antibacterial Healing

Frankincense is a safer and less potent and also a great all-around oil to use through your dogs. 



Rosemary crucial Oil

Flea Repellant & Helps heal Flea Bites

Rosemary necessary oil often tends to irritate much more than other oils. A few drops on her dog’s collar and also bedding provides a superb flea repellant.

Add 5-8 drops of Rosemary oil to her dogs shampoo to repel fleas and help your dog cure faster.

Add 5 drops of oil come water come mix your own spray, then use the spray to your pet’s coat. You can additionally diffuse the oil in your home.


Neem Oil

Neem oil Repels Fleas & Ticks

Neem is a organic remedy for a multitude that ailments. You deserve to dilute the neem oil 1:10 through a light carrier oil. Then massage the neem oil right into the skin.

You have the right to also include a couple of drops of Neem oil to your dogs shampoo come repel fleas and ticks. (Bathe 2-3 time a mainly for best results).


Rose Geranium Oil

Direct undiluted climbed geranium oil on her dog is okay. Usage 1 drop behind each shoulder blade and 1 drop close to the base of the tail.

30 possibly Toxic vital Oils because that Dogs

30 possibly Toxic necessary Oils For Dogs

Please mental that numerous oils the are an excellent for dogs are sometimes not good for cats.

In the end, save in mental that healthy dogs are negative hosts because that fleas. The finest defense for organic flea manage is a healthy and balanced dog!

Feed a raw diet complete of totality foodsMinimize vaccinations and also don’t over-vaccinateAvoid drugs and also compounds in her dog’s environment

Avoid Pharma & advertisement Brands

In 2009, the EPA released an essential advisory. They received over 44,000 reports of adverse reactions and a total of 600 deaths in 2008.

Most typical side effects as reported by the EPA:

Skin reactions, Redness, ItchingSores & UlcersHair LossVomitingSalivationDiarrheaNervousnessDeathThe perform goes on….

Avoid placing your dog at risk of disadvantage reactions. Pick a safe and natural strategy to flea control. Improve the wellness of our world for periods to come by preventing these toxic products.

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To kill fleas and their eggs requires a most work. This means spending weeks bathing your very own dog and also vacuuming every inch of her house. Obviously, that is a much better idea to be proactive and also prevent fleas.