Keep ticks and fleas away with a 100% natural formula made specifically for cats. Steam-distilled hydrosol waters the Lavender and also Rosemary efficiently repel bugs there is no the toxins and also preservatives that space so common in end the counter flea and also tick repellents. Plainly CATS is for sure for pets, humans and also the environment.

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✔ 100% herbal plant based formula with no toxins, preservatives, pesticides or chemicals.

✔ Rosemary and Lavender are effective in driving away ticks and fleas and also keeping them far from her cat.

✔ irradiate pleasing scent will not bother your pet or you.

✔ simple to use and also long lasting effects. Merely spray on her pet (avoiding eyes) and also repeat every 4-6 hours.

✔100% Vegan and also Cruelty Free.


Steam-distilled non-GMO Hydrosol water that Lavender and also Rosemary.


Use clearly CATS to save ticks and fleas away from your cat. Spray a tiny amount straight onto cat"s hair or collar. Perform not use to the face, eye or genitals. Carry out not use on kittens 12 weeks and younger. Repeat as vital every 4-6 hours. Save in the refrigerator.

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What our Customers room Saying

“It works! i spray my cat a coupe the times prior to heading out. No more scratching or itching! so pleased i discovered this product.” — Tanya T.
“Fantastic! works , all natural and smells Lovely!” — Dhalia
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