Ticks really execute not like vital oils. They find out pets and people by scent, so necessary oils work-related not just by masking a dog’s scent, yet some vital oils in reality repel them. Geranium is on the height of the list for pushing back ticks, together with lemon eucalyptus, and lavender (study here). Lavender oil has also been shown in researches to protect against tick eggs from hatching.

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This tick blend have the right to be blended with a transport oil like grapeseed and rubbed right into a pet’s fur and legs. Necessary oils space too strong to be put directly on the skin without resulting in irritation, therefore diluting v a transport oil (an unscented oil) lets essential oil be used on the skin there is no irritation. For making use of oils topically on dog for tick or flea prevention, a good dilution is about five fall of crucial oils combined with a teaspoon of transport oil and then rubbed right into the fur- being mindful to prevent the eyes, nose, mouth, and also genitals.

These oils can be mixed and also then put on the exterior of a collar if that is made of one absorbent cloth.

Pennyroyal oil is really effective as a tick repellant, yet even though numerous recipes digital recommend utilizing pennyroyal for pets, pennyroyal can be toxicity to the point of fatality for dogs and cats. For that reason, also though pennyroyal is an reliable tick deterrent, we execute not recommend making use of it topically (directly on the skin) for dogs or cats. If girlfriend still perform desire to use pennyroyal because that dogs, a very small amount (1-2 drops) can be used to the outside of a collar to repel ticks (make sure the oil is took in into the collar prior to putting that on). Pennyroyal must never be supplied on cats, and only for dogs v caution.

Safer oils to usage that repel fleas room eucalyptus, peppermint, cedarwood, and also citronella.

To make an important oil spray because that dogs, integrate 30 drops essential oils to one cup of water and also to spray ~ above a dog’s fur. Shake bottle well before spraying each time to mix the water and also essential oils. For tiny dogs, minimize the quantities of essential oils in this recipe.


Geranium oils and also citrus oils have to not be offered on cats, in fact, cats are particularly sensitive to important oils, therefore this cooking recipes is best used for dogs. Also, necessary oils like pennyroyal, cedar, and also citronella have to not be offered on pregnant animals (on any kind of pregnant animal, the is finest to use oils only on a collar, rather than ~ above the skin). Animals should never ingest essential oils.

Cats and Fleas and Ticks

For cats, the one oil that they seem to have the ability to tolerate is neem oil. Neem can be beneficial for both fleas and ticks because that cats. A little amount deserve to be added to a shampoo (at the dilution the no an ext than a teaspoon of oil come a cup of pets shampoo). Neem can also be used in tiny amounts on the outside of a cat’s collar together a flea repellant.

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Geranium and rosemary oils deserve to be supplied as a flea and also tick repellant ~ above cats, as long as they are extremely diluted. Because that a flea and also tick spray for cats, mix 4 drops total of geranium and also rosemary oils to one cup of water and also spray on cat’s fur, avoiding the face.