As one adult, candy cravings may not it is in as solid as they used to be. Possibly you have actually some no-sugar goals in ar or simply prefer a homemade treat instead. Every little thing the situation may be, the excitement of spun sugar, difficult taffy, and also melting cacao as a boy is a sad suffer to say goodbye to!

Don’t worry—the son in you deserve to keep your go-to cacao bars and also ginormous gumballs, your licorice twists and tasty taffies. All you need to do is grab her diffuser and include a few essential oil drops because that a tiny childhood magic!

Seaside Sweets diffuser blend

Call us old fashioned, yet peppermint saltwater taffy is a classic candy for a reason! Sweet and minty, this mix of Peppermint, Spearmint, and also Frankincense smells like amusement park rides, boardwalk hangs, and also days gone by.

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Bubble Blast diffuser blend

When kids are running wild, don’t organize them back—join in! among all the tickle wars, pillow fights, and games the tag, diffuse Spearmint, Davana, Bergamot, and also Ylang Ylang because that an aroma it is as fun as acquiring your favorite shade from the gumball machine.


Carnival Clouds diffuser blend


Candy Vines diffuser blend

Is there anything an ext comforting than having a chat v your gramps? once you’re in the mood to grab a quilt, curl up by the fire, and hear story from year past, diffusive equal parts Fennel and also Kunzea. You will do it be a pan of all points nostalgic in no time!


Fizzy float diffuser blend

What’s your wanted party? Slumber party? pool party? dance party? v this combo the Wintergreen and Citrus Fresh™, it doesn’t matter! plugin your diffuser, add equal parts of both oils, and breathe in a creamy, bubbly-sweet scent the reminds you of being a kid.

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Lemon fall diffuser blend

If grandma’s the only one indulging in lemon drops, you’re lacking out! The perfect pick-me-up on also the bluest that days, the uplifting aroma the this blend holds nothing ago with Lemongrass and also Lemon. Soak in the sunshine with this sun-kissed blend!

Loco for Cocoa diffuser blend

We don’t care if it’s Monday or Friday, Valentine’s work or Christmas—we’re crazy because that all things chocolate! incorporate the creamy aroma of stress Away™ through rich Cardamom and also Copaiba for a odor that’s an instant favorite.

Cinnabear diffuser blend

Goody Goody Gumdrops diffuser blend

Not all set to let walk of her sweet tooth? go calorie complimentary with dessert-scented diffuser blends or treat you yourself to Halloween bites and snacks!