As parents, we’ve every been there. Your boy comes home from school and also you notification that that is vigorously itching his scalp or friend receive an email from the college informing you the there’s a lice outbreak in your daughter’s classroom. You rush she to the bathroom so friend can examine her scalp, and also yup, you watch that the small guys have plainly made a home in she hair.

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While you might feel totally alone, remember the lice is a usual issue. In fact, TheCenters for disease Control and Prevention (CDC)estimates that there are about 6 come 12 million situations each year in the joined States among children eras 3 come 11.

What’s next? you cancel the birthday party, reschedule the playdate, and also do everything in your strength to remove the lice fast!

While your an initial instinct may be to buy the first lice treatment that you view at your local drugstore, don’t! while these assets may kill the lice, friend are additionally exposing your son to harmful toxins and also chemicals that might harm them. Because that example, neurotoxins such as Malathion, a common ingredient in over-the-counter lice treatments is actually an insecticide that is also used because that mosquito control. It works by interfering with chemical reactions in the worried system, even if it is of pest or a person, and is easily soaked up into the skin and also into your child’s circulatory system. The risks and also potential side results of exposure to neurotoxins encompass asthma, seizures, lethargy, slurred speech and also skin rashes. It’s just NOT precious it when there are other means to get rid of lice quickly and also effectively.

So, just how do you get rid of the lice?

It’s simple, every you require is a an excellent fine steel comb and also some ingredients that you can find roughly your kitchen - or you have the right to opt for a herbal formula do of necessary oils that have been shown to be efficient in dealing with lice, prefer Isabella’s plainly LICE.

Here room 4 easy steps to assist get rid of lice fast:

1. Suffocate the Lice

Soak your child’s head in olive oil or coconut oil. Cover v a shower cap for at the very least 2 hrs (or preferably overnight). When ready, eliminate the shower cap, and separate the hair into little sections, then usage a metal nit combto closely remove the lice and eggs. To wash the hair well v shampoo. Repeat this process a couple of times till you view that there are no an ext lice or nits.

Note: if the oils can assist suffocate the lice, they may not necessarily death them. You deserve to use a natural formula of important oils like Isabella’s clearly LICE on her child’s scalp to rate up the procedure and not need to repeat as many times.


2. Eliminate Nits (Lice eggs)

After the oil treatment, soak the hair in distilled vinegar (you can additionally use to apologize cider vinegar). While vinegar does not aid in suffocating adult lice, it does protect against the nits (eggs) native latching on come the hair strands. Combined with careful combing, using the fine metal comb, it’s wonderful and simple technique for removing the nits.

Note: You have the right to skip this action if you usage Isabella’s clearly LICE, together it likewise works for removing the nits (eggs) from the hair.

3. Deter Lice from comes Back

Petroleum jelly is a an excellent natural option for deterring lice. The special texture stops roaming lice on their tracks and keeps them away from the scalp and also hair. Simply apply a an extremely thin great of petroleum jelly on your child’s scalp and leave in till the following wash. If you uncover that this is too greasy, you can make a fast blend of important oils by mixing tea tree oil, lavender, eucalyptus or red thyme oil v a transport oil and applying to your child’s scalp daily.

If you are using Isabella’s plainly LICE, which currently includes every these essential oils and more, simply add a couple of drops to your child’s scalp every morning together a lice repellent.

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4. Clean, Clean, Clean

While head lice can’t survive for the long outside of their human being host, girlfriend don’t desire to threat the lice returning to your child’s head or latching on to someone else’s. Make sure to clean or to wash anything that has remained in close call with the human being who has actually lice (clothes, hats, pillowcases, sheets, hair brushes and also combs). If an object cannot be washed (such as stuffed animals), location items right into an air chop plastic bag and leave for 2 weeks. Otherwise wash items in hot water and place in the dryer to dry. Also, make sure to vacuum floors and furniture wherein the lice may have fallen.