Our four legged friend are household members too, and giving them the attention and also care the they need is vital for ensuring they’re happy and healthy. The course, it’s periodically more an overwhelming than it deserve to seem and one point that can be complicated is avoiding fleas and also ticks.

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It’s incredibly important to do, however. Fleas and also ticks deserve to hitch a ride right into your residence on her dog or cat and instantly come to be a major problem. Fleas bite and cause itching sores that deserve to lead to extr health issues, when ticks can carry Lyme disease and other potentially deadly diseases.

Fleas in specific can it is in a major problem in that as soon as they enter the home, they deserve to spread quickly and become incredibly complicated to repel. Eggs are laid in carpet, clothing, and any other towel in the home and also a few fleas on a dog have the right to easily end up being a significant infestation. Luckily, there are numerous options out there that can aid you defeat fleas and also improve the health of your pet and also the security level of your home. And essential oils deserve to be among the secrets to doing just that.

The services of natural Flea and Tick Prevention

Using organic treatments to combat fleas is not only effective, however offers you many benefits. The true that it can be a bit much more involved than setup off one of those ‘bug bombs’ in every room of her home, however when you think about the advantages it i do not care clear the it’s a much better choice:

You don’t have to fill the home with attention poisons and also chemicals – poisons the can injury you, her family, and your pets.Natural treatment and also essential oil are an ext affordable than those harsh chemical poisons, so you save money and also improve the security of the process.Instead of being left through lingering chemical odors, your necessary oils leaving behind pleasant aromas that can also bring aromatherapy benefits v them. Indigenous relaxation to reduced stress, you have the right to enjoy these benefits while fighting ticks and also fleas.Tick and also flea collars deserve to mean the your pet is literally attract poison about their necks. Using important oils is a far better choice.

In short, driving away fleas and also ticks v the help of some vital oils and also a little bit of effort is other that renders sense and that have to be your first choice once you’re make the efforts to carry out this.

The natural Treatment Process

So just how do you go about fighting fleas and also ticks naturally? avoidance is always a much better solution, and also using the necessary oil treatments provided below is a good an initial start. Consistently bathing your pets with genuine soap is likewise important and also can help prevent flea and also tick outbreaks before they occur. It’s also a an excellent idea to vacuum the home everyday to eliminate ticks.

If you notice that fleas are already a problem, every one of the above steps are important as well. Constant bathing, vacuuming, and also use of essential oils will be instrumental in keeping them away. Together with this, wash her bedding and your dog’s bedding also to assist ensure that none that the fleas are present there.


3 necessary Oils for Flea and also Tick Repellent

Using crucial oils to fight versus fleas is one effective alternate to high-quality chemicals, pills, collars, and also sprays. Of course, not all crucial oils room effective. Below are the three best choices for avoiding problems.

Lemongrass – easily one that the best choices because that flea prevention, lemongrass is additionally effective against ticks. It’s a great choice for usage in any an approach possible for fighting pests.

How come use necessary Oils to prevent Fleas and Ticks

Combine this treatments through the right vital oils and also you have a solution to fleas and also ticks the you and also your pets deserve to both love.

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Mix 15 drops of crucial oil through 1 tablespoon the a carrier oil and then add to a cotton collar. This allows you make her own herbal flea and tick collar. Just be certain to dilute the oil v a transport oil first.Add 15 come 20 drops to a spray bottle of water and also shake well. This creates a spray that is perfect for use on pets and on the home.Add 2 fall of the crucial oil to shampoo that you’ll be using to bathe your pets.

What is the Best means to stop Fleas and also Ticks?



*** Disclaimer *** always consult your veterinarian prior to using necessary oils roughly your pets. Never use pure undiluted vital oils on the hair or any component of her pets body.