We’ve every heard the cases – there room all-natural crucial oils that keep ticks off of dogs. However have you ever before seen castle work? Kevin Roberts takes it upon himself – precise – to check the effectiveness of essential oil’s and also other natural product’s abilities to store ticks away.

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Nobody likes ticks. Together a general rule, they are disgusting and awful. Tiny small creatures that cause huge problems. The kind that damages a day because that everyone. It’s not simply that castle nasty bloodsuckers that renders them therefore despised- the the fact that they room carriers of numerous dangerous diseases. Of course, having that in mind, you’d think that most world want to protect against ticks. In general, you’d it is in right. But, I deserve to tell you I’m not many people. In fact, I’ve newly gone the end of my method to uncover ticks. I guess you can say that ns took the whole “Know your Enemy” point a tiny too far. I invited these small jerks into my life. Ns took my time to discover a good crop that ticks too. On every shed hunt, hike, scooter and also run, I carried along a jar, and also eagerly searched mine legs, and the dogs for ticks. I built up over 600 ticks in various places from roughly my home. “But why, Kevin? have actually you unable to do cray-cray?” you might ask. Don’t are afraid for my psychological health. My tick stalking was done all in the name of science! i did it for you (and your dog).

Because it is the season because that the little pests, i was inundated by social media posts, recommending recipes for organic anti-tick spray. Indigenous holistic options to crafty projects, every article claimed to be the most reliable option out there and also every ‘formula’ appeared to it is in different. Ns am all for natural products and also totally against ticks, for this reason I assumed I would test these DIY insurance claims out because that myself. It can not hurt to try, right? ~ all, it’s crucial to know when this sorts of recipes room legitimate and when they are merely a trendy trick. A most times, these homemade natural solutions deserve to turn the end to be total duds, however in the rarely instances when they space not, they room amazing. In mine book, this made it precious the research!

Just favor the experiments we did in high institution science class, I’ve outlined my an approach and trial and error procedures below. I did this with an excellent care and also scientific accuracy. I hope you evaluate the work.

Why vital Oils?

Why go I even want to shot essential oils? Well, let’s simply be real. We’re every worried about what walk on our bodies, on our dogs’ bodies and on our planet, right? With much more and much more claims the holistic healing and also prevention, ns figured I’d not be a an excellent human and also pet parent if ns didn’t even try to check out if they’d it is in both effective and also safe for my dogs. The reality is that ticks are a big deal and also can do a dog’s (and his human’s) life nice miserable. Lyme an illness in dogs and their people is no joke, and also can have actually some quite debilitating consequences. Life-long consequences.

The same have the right to be stated for various other tick-borne illness like Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, Rocky hill Spotted Fever, Babesiosis, Bartonellosis, and also Hepatozoonosis. Yikes.

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Tick Collection

Our vet knows our household well, which way he understands that we invest copious amounts of time tromping roughly in the bush. What can I say? We’re wilderpeople! That’s why we use a quite heavy-duty mite repellent, which we are fairly happy v in general. I mean, that works. However, it’s likewise made from every sorts of unpleasant chemicals ns can’t hope to pronounce. For this reason while this stuff works, ns don’t choose coating my dogs with harsh pesticides. That’s simply not nice. If I could find a more natural means to protect against ticks from it is registered themselves come our pack, I’m all for it. That’s the dream.

Now, simply in instance you were concerned, don’t worry- my dog weren’t supplied as mite bait. The specimens I accumulated weren’t enclosed to my dogs, yet they were crawling top top me, in the grass, or sitting loose on the dogs. Seriously, there space ticks almost everywhere these woods. Ns even discovered a couple of ticks that had actually recently fed on a host and also I collected those together well. I placed together fairly the mite collection. Because that science, of course!

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The cases Tested

There were rather a few different recipes for anti-tick sprays, every one of which are supposed to store your dog tick-free. Each was based upon natural ingredients and also each asserted to be the one that will certainly take away all your mite troubles with a couple of spritzes. Castle all consisted of different crucial oils, consisting of Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and also Lemon Grass. Much an ext pleasant than my common store bought cans of chemistry sludge. The would also make my dog smell choose a dream together a side-effect. The only question was, would certainly they work even remotely and the pistol pesticide stuff?

For the experiment, i separated every my ticks into 5 groups that 100 (seriously, I accumulated a most ticks!). Each group had a balanced cross section of ticks in order come test every recipe’s effectiveness. Some were in the nymph stage, if others were hungry adults, and each group included a mite that had recently been fed. Ns took a most time to effectively separate every one of my ticks into the appropriate groups. Ns told you i was gift scientific about it- and also let me phone call you, the ain’t easy.

The Process


Some civilization tout lemongrass important oil as a great natural device for fending off fleas and ticks, because the smell is so strong that that repels the insects prior to they can obtain on her dog and also take a bite. To make your own spray at home, friend can add anywhere from 5 to 10 autumn of lemongrass crucial oil come water. Then, it would be a issue of merely spraying this natural solution onto your dog’s coat. The great thing is that you do not should use a the majority of this oil in order for it to be efficient at keeping bugs away, so even if you dilute it quite a bit, it need to still work. The negative thing is the your pooch might likewise be much less than enthusiastic about that potent perfume- you recognize that a dog’s sleep is much, much much more sensitive and powerful than ours. Yet still, gotta shot everything because that the benefits of experiment.

As soon as I placed the ticks in the container with the lemongrass, castle were active right away – the can’t it is in a good sign, right? around 20 percent of the ticks turned far as quickly as they come into call with the lemongrass, and practically 30 percent gained in and swam approximately in the moat (the rest just hung out, enjoy it the scenery). The adventurous ticks didn’t avoid moving, but at the very least they didn’t cross the lemongrass moat. So that’s something, ns guess?

Other oil You Might consider Trying

The vital oils that i tried in mine at-home tick experiment no the only ones the you’ll discover recommended by holistic-minded people online. There are quite a few essential oils that are touted together insect repellents, but those the were pointed out most frequently (in enhancement to those I already tested out) to be cedarwood and also rose geranium oil.

The perform of touted services for cedarwood essential oil consists of anti-fungal properties and also a soothing and moisturizing result on the skin (great for targeting the result dandruff) and hair growth boosting effect, for this reason it’s frequently recommended together an ingredient for natural DIY dog shampoos. However, cedarwood likewise happens to be toxic for ticks- contact with this crucial oil disrupts their pheromones, leeches out the moisture from the parasite’s body, etc- effectively, it kills the little buggers, or for this reason they claim.

Similarly, climbed geranium oil is also lauded as organic tick repellent- special, the oil do from varieties Pelargonium graveolens. According to the vital oil connoisseurs (or mite connoisseurs?), these parasites happen to despise the climbed scent that this oil which is what should keep them in ~ bay. The perform of valuable effects that geranium oils for dogs additionally includes anti-fungal properties that promise to help with yeast epidemic of skin and also ears.

Some resources recommend producing a blend of tick-repelling oils because that a more potent effect, and also the formulas differ greatly. Perhaps the idea is to combine the properties for a complete action against ticks, consisting of repelling and also killing castle if they dare endeavor on her pet’s body? one of two people way, it sounds promising but my study doesn’t leaving me too hopeful. To amount it all up, there space many alternatives out there, but based upon my experiment I’m no confident in countless of them.


I liked exactly how the Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon Grass vital oils seemed to confuse the ticks. While plenty of of the ticks to be able come cross successfully over my moat, countless others came to be disoriented in the oil, and also couldn’t quite find me. For this reason it at least listed some protection, also if it to be hardly a perfect solution.

Sadly, no one of the oils turned a majority of ticks away, and also none of them stopped a bulk of ticks dead. I have to say i was hoping because that some better results! most of the ticks marched best through these oils prefer it to be nothing. I have actually no idea who considered these to be best anti-tick solutions, however they require to inspect themselves.

The peppermint oil seems promising in that as soon as the ticks go in, they no necessarily come out. Ns was mindful to usage the same amount the oil because that each part of this experiment. The oil to be pooled in ~ the bottom the the container, and also there is no way I can obtain that lot oil onto mine dogs. So, even when the oil did work, the wasn’t specifically a perfect fix.

I to be pleased with the lemongrass, and also the reality that a variety of ticks turned far from it. Ns think this mirrors some promise, however again, every the recipes speak to for diluting the oil with water, and my experiment were conducted using pure oil. I wouldn’t placed that much pure oil on my dogs and I wouldn’t to trust a mite to be put off by any of these oils in a diluted form.

I likewise understand the I’m no a “real” scientist and my experiments weren’t carried out in research study facility. However, I think that my tests had actually a purpose. If nothing else, I had the ability to test out the recipes myself and also see the results, without subjecting my dogs to a mite spray that might or may not work. Simply one tick has the power to make her dog sick and also I’m not willing to take that chance. No one of these services were reliable enough because that me to take into consideration using castle on mine dogs. It’s just not precious the risk.

It’s even worth noting that no all essential oils space safe for use on or around dogs, so be certain to do enough research, and also consult with your vet, before you use essential oils come repel ticks from her pet. You’ll desire to be certain that one oil is safe and effective when provided on canines. The truth that some civilization would imply spraying a harmful problem on your dog simply because it’s a mild tick deterrent certain baffles me. Further proof the you simply can’t to trust the internet, I expect (except because that this site, obviously).

If you were wondering, the ticks never bit me. Lock were gotten rid of from mine arm prior to they had the chance! for now, ns am going come mix up my own DIY recipe of mite repellant and use it on myself for my following trek v the woods. Mine dogs, however, will be sticking with their vet-approved and also prescribed tick repellent solution. I simply can’t trust these various other options, no issue how herbal they are.

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Editor’s Note: this tests room not presented as conclusive truth – they room Kevin’s findings in accordance to his at-home, DIY methods. Results might vary. No Kevins were harmed in the creating of this article. You are responsible because that the wellness of your dog, so be certain to consult v a veterinarian prior to using any tick repellant, natural or chemical.