Maya hawke may autumn into the team of celebrity kids following in your parent"s footsteps, yet she"s already off to an impressive start in her acting career.

The daughter of actors Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman might be jealousy of her parent"s careers, however she seems to it is in doing it s okay on her own. She"s already appeared in films like Little Women, reflects as famous as Stranger Things, and also is collection to show up in one more film alongside Camila Mendes.

however who specifically is this new emerging star? Let"s take a look at who Maya really is.

She saw An Artsy School

Maya"s parents met like most couples in Hollywood, ~ above the collection of a movie. Thurman and Hawke met top top the set of Gattaca in 1997 and quickly dropped in love. Lock married in 1998, the exact same year Maya to be born, yet eventually divorce in 2005. She has a brother, Levon, who was born in 2002.

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Like most celebrity children, Maya was nearly raised on the to adjust of few of the most renowned films. The family members once picked up everything and moved to China for 6 months when Thurman to be filming Kill Bill. She was just four and also would "watch my mom gain the shit kicked out of her while ns ate gummy bears."

She also sat backstage during her father"s performances of Anton Chekhov’s pat The Cherry Orchard, in 2009.

~ she was diagnosed v dyslexia she frequently adjusted schools till she was enrolled at Saint Ann"s School, a personal school in Brooklyn, brand-new York, i beg your pardon does not grade work, and instead encourages artistic ability.

In this an imaginative environment, Maya turn to she parent"s profession and also soon began her career in showbiz. She began taking summer classes in ~ the royal Academy the Dramatic art in London and also the Stella Adler Studio of exhilaration in brand-new York.

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She started out in modeling, and also like she mother and grandmother, she posed because that Vogue. In 2016/2017, she modeled because that the British company AllSaints and afterwards appeared in the video clip campaign because that Calvin Klein"s underwear, which was directed by Sophia Coppola.

In 2017, she began attending Juilliard however decided come drop the end at the end of her 2nd semester to join the actors of PBS"s Little Women. She play Jo in march in the film and also co-starred v Emily Watson and also Angela Lansbury.

"In a many ways, I have been preparing because that this character my whole life," Maya told Elle. Tiny Woman was among the an initial books she check out as a child.

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"Jo was a huge inspiration to me, as far as having the drive and also the passion to seek my love because that reading and writing, also when it was challenging."

however leaving her researches was scary because that Maya in ~ first. "One thing about leaving your training at an early stage is that it pipeline you with all the tools with which to slam yourself, without the skills to have the ability to implement the points that you recognize you’re claimed to it is in doing."

when She Came earlier She go On A roadway Trip

after ~ she came house from filming in Ireland, Maya got a lot done. She moved into her an initial apartment, chose to walk on a road expedition from brand-new Mexico to Los Angeles, and also filmed her an initial movie, a little indie film called Ladyworld. 

Maya doesn"t it seems to be ~ to desire to sluggish down, which is good. She recognizes the it is a difficult industry to acquire into and is thankful the she was born right into it. "It’s a very hard market to obtain into, and also if you thrive up in it, it’s a lot easier."

however there isn"t that much to say about her partnership with her parents, various other than the she thinks the they had actually it for this reason easy growing up in their generation. She does confide in lock though. Thurman has actually taught she daughter come "make the choices you desire to make."

"The moment you decision to go to one acting institution you close a thousand doors," Maya went on to explain. "The moment you decision to leave one, friend close a hundreds doors. The minute you pick to do small Women, you open up 10 doors and you near 5. It’s like this endless journey of make decisions around who you’re walk to be in her minimal time ~ above this earth. That’s scary."

In 2019, Maya had a small function in Once top top a Time...In Hollywood. The film to be of course directed through Quentin Tarantino, the same director that directed her mommy in the Kill Bill films.

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In her spare time, she works on a publication of poems and also a screenplay. She earns a small cash here and also there for paid appearances at market parties.

Recently, Maya has actually starred in the third season the Strange Things, as Robin Buckley, also though she never ever watched the display prior come landing the role.

She is also slated come star in the film, Strangers, in addition to Camila Mendes, but with all of her potential, we have actually a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot more of her. We"ll just have to wait and also see.

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