EUROPE Vocalist claims The tape Knew 'The last Countdown' was 'Kind the Special'

May 5, 20180Comments

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According to EUROPE vocalist Joey Tempest, once the group recorded 1986"s "The last Countdown", they had a "little feeling" that the now-legendary title track would certainly be well received.

"I psychic listening earlier to " last Countdown" with Mic Michaeli in san Francisco as soon as we blended in Berkeley, in Fantasy Studios," Tempest freshly told Australia"s Heavy magazine (hear audio below). "We remained on late at night and just cranked the volume up and looked at every other and also thought, "Wow, this is special. It"s different. It"s, like, 6 minutes long, and it"s sort of different." Also, various other tracks later on in our career together well, as soon as you complete recording, friend know, "Oh, male — this song sort of stands out a little an ext from the rest." that happens. You kind of get a feeling once you end up an album that there"s a couple of tracks the . Friend live through it because that a if — you"ve rehearsed it, you"ve taped it, you"ve mixed it, so friend are sort of front of the listener. You"ve lived v it probably a year or fifty percent a year, and also yeah, you know this track is type of special."

Tempest states that the group had a similar feeling about the title monitor to their recent album, 2017"s "Walk The Earth", which newly won a Grammis compensation (Swedish Grammy equivalent) in the "Best hard Rock/Metal" category.

"The title tune is something we"re extremely proud of," the said. "That was among the songs once we left the studio that, "Oh, we must open the album v this. This have to be the location of the album." This song just provided us goosebumps in the studio when we finished it, and that song is really functioning out live."

"Walk The Earth" to be released critical October via EUROPE"s very own Hell & Back label v Silver Lining Music. The follow-up to 2015"s "War of Kings" to be laid down at London, England"s legendary Abbey Road studios and was produced by Dave Cobb, who additionally helmed the band"s ahead disc.

Tempest said Hear 2 Zen that the suffer of recording at Abbey Road "was really, yes, really cool. I have been make the efforts to obtain the band and also producers to record in the U.K. For years now; I have been trying to simply work in miscellaneous studios here," the explained. "But a friend referred to as me up and also said the he may be able to get us right into Abbey roadway Studios. That said, "It"s such a liven studio, but I might be able to get you 2 weeks." I referred to as the others, and also then everyone acquired really excited about recording in the U.K. We gained to use old equipment that PINK FLOYD and also John Lennon and THE BEATLES used, which us then an unified with new technology and techniques, and also we really had actually a blast. Dave Cobb came over from Nashville, where he lives now. The really appreciated it; he was choose a son in a liquid store, just enjoying every the equipment and also recording techniques. We were an extremely lucky to get whatever done in 2 weeks and then blended it. It was a good experience."

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