Whenever Eva Longoria talks around her husband José "Pepe" Bastón, it"s clean the 44-year-old star can"t assist but gush around her 51-year-old partner and father of their son, Santiago Enrique.

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"He"s a an extremely private man, for this reason he hates when I talk about him," Longoria called People in 2016. "But I want to yell indigenous the highest mountaintop about everything that goes on through us."

Longoria is recognized for her work both on-screen—including together Gaby Solis on the long-running Desperate Housewives—and off-screen together a director on shows like Black-ish, mrs the Virgin, Devious Maids, and the upcoming Grand Hotel. together for Bastón, before stepping under in October 2017, he served as the chairman of Televisa Internacional, the biggest Spanish-speaking multimedia fixed media agency in the world. The two very first met after ~ being collection up through a shared friend in 2013—but the sparks didn"t automatically fly.

"I was obtaining out a negative relationship, and he was gaining out a relationship, so there wasn"t a connection," she said People. "So, we had actually a satisfied conversation, yet there to be no real connection."

Six months later, the very same friend re-introduced them—and this time the link was instant, follow to Longoria.

"I had no memory of meeting him the an initial time, yet we had immediate sparks," she said. "It was prefer the cliché angels singing and there to be a glow around him and also it was immediate chemistry."

The pair tied the node on may 21, 2016 and have to be living life as a family of six. Bastón has actually three children, 2 daughters and also a son, indigenous a previous marriage, who Longoria has said she considers her own, in addition to their almost one-year-old son, Santiago.

"We have three kids already. I have three stepchildren for this reason it"s not choose it"s something new," she called Hola!. "We room enjoying it."

Ahead, let"s take a watch at just how Longoria and also Bastón"s love story began—and how they"ve to be "enjoying" their romance since.

2013: Longoria and also her husband were collection up on a remote date.


As formerly mentioned, Longoria and also Bastón were introduced by a friend, no once, however twice. The two have been inseparable ever since their 2nd meeting; the following day, they walk on a four-hour lunch date, according to People.

"He to be the many handsome man I"d ever seen. He was so charismatic, charming, sweet and also funny. Ns thought, "Who is this guy?!"" she said. "He is probably one the the an initial men I"ve date that has been older and established, and also basically, a grown-up. It is so nice to it is in arm-in-arm v someone who is her equal."

December 2015: Bastón and Longoria obtained engaged.

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