LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 18: Natalie Eva Marie and also Jonathan Coyleattend the American Influencer Award at The Novo by Microsoft ~ above November 18,2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo through Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

On WWE Raw, Eva Marie made a stunning return to the company, although v a simple vignette. The previous actress/model left WWE in 2017 to do a career in Hollywood, however she find herself back in wrestling.

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During her continue to be in WWE, she featured in full Divas, which listed an insight into her an individual life.

Who is Eva Marie married to?

On total Divas, Eva Marie opened up up around her personal issues and welcomed viewers right into her relationship with Jonathan Coyle. Coyle is a previous athlete and now a co-owner that his wife’s fashion store. He and also Eva’s wedding became a focal allude of the full Divas present in 2014.

Coyle and Eva Marie got married on august 23, 2014. They had a weird ceremony in Napa Valley, California, and several actors members from full Divas to visit the wedding.

The WWE Superstar even referred to as the wedding ‘The Red Wedding’, probably a recommendation from video game of Thrones.

Coyle is an MBA graduate and is also a certified trainer for his wife’s fitness program. He plays much more than simply the duty of a husband in his wife’s life however is additionally a business partner.

Coyle stop both American and Irish citizenship and also is also partly Lebanese. He learned at California Polytechnic State Institute and also earned his MBA from western State University.

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His profile as an athlete gained him connected in advertisement campaigns with sports brands prefer Nike and also Vanguard MMA. He’s likewise featured on magazine spreads because that the UFC.

Marie return to WWE

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After four years far from the ring, Eva Marie is ready to do her return to wrestling. A vignette through her sprawled across the hood the a red Ferrari is the first look right into what might be a an extremely exciting return.

Her critical appearance prior to her return was on SmackDown in 2016, whereby she experienced a wardrobe malfunction.


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The sooner human being let that picture out of their minds, the far better for her as she still has a ton that potential. When her key roster runs sputtered until halting for good, she heel run in NXT to be excellent.

She made the likes that Bayley, Carmella, and Asuka look like pure babyfaces, and also her heelwork wasn’t quick of fantastic.


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She is a significant addition to WWE Raw, which is quick on talent. If she may not it is in on the level the Charlotte Flair or Asuka wrestling-wise, she character sets her apart native the roster. We can’t wait to view what WWE has actually in save for her.


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