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Just one day removed from the company suspending Paige and also Alberto Del Rio for 30 days as result of the both of lock violating the that company wellness policy, WWE today has actually suspended diva Eva Marie because that 30 days because that violating the company’s health policy. Marie was booked to compete at SummerSlam in a 6 diva tag team match.

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Marie has had multiple stints v the company, being on the key roster and also sent down to developmental multiple times. The firm thinks she has actually a lot of potential in she to come to be a leader for the women’s division, even though her wrestling skills are poor but she has actually been improving a lot due to the fact that she debuted in the company.

The company may have high really hopes for her but the pan have an additional idea, she is hated through a most wrestling fans which renders her a great heel. For the past few weeks because being drafted to SmackDown Live during the WWE draft, Marie has actually been hyped to make her debut top top the roster only to be delay by things prefer pulled hamstrings, wardrobe malfunction, and the latest one gift stuck in traffic. The fans hate it, but it is making her a good heel i beg your pardon is what she is since she is not favored by the fans at all.

On the WWE next of things, this is really poor timing the this happens just 3 days before SummerSlam. Before getting suspended, Marie to be planned to gain a large push maybe coming to be the very first ever SmackDown Live Women’s champion as soon as the title debuts. But now through her gift suspended for 30 days, the company has to readjust directions v this storyline.

Sure Marie might still get her hoe push as soon as she comes ago since the is her very first violation, however expect she to be in the dog house with the firm for the time being.

On the Marie next of things, this suspension could not come at a worse time because SummerSlam is just three day’s away. Marie to be hyped approximately make she debut at Slam yet now she can’t which really loss her heel push right now. V her now suspended, Marie will now have actually time come think around what she has done and makes sure that she corrects the mistake and also does not execute it ever before again.

There are a few ways that the WWE can look at the 6 women’s tag team complement at SummerSlam. The first thing the company could perform is discover a companion for Natalya and Alexia Bliss, yet the difficulty with this is that there is nobody on the SmackDown Women’s roster that can replace her at this time since they room all in the match. Unless you count Maryse who is a valet to her real life and also on screen husband The Miz. 

So through that in mind, the agency could contact up among the NXT Divas, however there is nobody on that roster that you can contact up come the key roster besides Bayley yet Natalya and Bliss room both heels so placing Bayley top top the hoe would never work.

The agency could also usage Nia Jax as the secret partner due to the fact that she is a heel, but the difficulty with the is the tag match is supposed to exaggeration up a potential SmackDown women’s title and also since Jax is on life that would certainly not it is in smart.

Another point to store in mind right here is that Nikki Bella has been cultivate for she in-ring return at the moment, the company doctors currently cleared she for in-ring action. The company could slot she right into the complement with no problem.

The various other thing the the firm could do is store the enhance the means it is appropriate now and let it be a 3 on 2 handicap match, i m sorry is really most likely with the timing of this news.

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The last thing the firm could do about this chaos is the worst alternative out the three, and that is gain rid the totality matchup fully and not have it at the display at all. If this is the case, the rest of the SmackDown diva locker room will certainly be wasted because they all have no matches in ~ the show.