Sneaky, sneaky! Pregnant Eva Mendes strategically extended her farming baby bump while out v her longtime love, Ryan Gosling, in L.A. Top top Thursday, April 14.

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The shed River actress, 42, wore a flowery maxi dress and pulled she brunette locks increase in a messy bun. She preserved her belly concealed by hold an overlapping brown bag and also a peacoat nearby to she body.


That exact same day, united state Weekly exclusively damaged the news the Mendes and also Gosling, 35, space expecting their 2nd child together. A source told us that the actress formerly tried to conceal she bump during an L.A. Picture shoot earlier in February.

Mendes and also the Nice men star began dating after meeting on set of The Place past the Pines in 2011. Us exclusively confirmed that they invited their daughter, Esmeralda, currently 19 months, in September 2014.


Mendes opened up up about motherhood throughout an interview through Women’s wellness in march 2015. “I’m in reality enjoying the sleepless nights since it’s bonding with my tiny girl,” she claimed at the time.

She joked: “I nothing feel choose I’ve yes, really earned the ideal . I want to respect every the moms out there. They’re walk to it is in like, ‘You understand what? she a couple of months in. Just shut up."”


Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling at the brand-new York Premiere the ‘The Place past the Pines’ on march 28, 2013. Dave Allocca/

Mendes and also Gosling have actually been really private about their family members from the start. Gosling, however, did gush end his leading lady ago in December.

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“I know that I’m with the person I’m an alleged to it is in with,” the told Hello magazine. He included that the just quality the looks for in a woman is “that she’s Eva Mendes.”

He mused: “There’s nothing rather I’m spring for.”

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