While maintaining up v the Kardashians might seem like a headache at times, keeping up v the condition of Emma Roberts and Evan Peters" volatile connection makes the former look choose a to walk in the park. Back the American horror Story ex-co stars are, at the moment of this writing, officially over (for now), their connection was one filled with drama and also alleged deceit.

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First points first, let"s rewind. Together Roberts revealed ~ above Chelsea Lately (via E! News), the pair met ~ above the set of their movie, Adult World, in 2012, however didn"t start dating until after filming wrapped. Through January 2013, the duo walk public, walking the red carpet at an afterparty for the 70th Annual gold Globes. Soon enough, the pair was spotted everywhere, from sightseeing in Paris to strolling in new York.

Unfortunately because that the A-list match, things began going cake — not also a full year right into their relationship. "Their romantic is nice extreme," revealed an insider to Us Weekly, including that, "They just behave in a way that"s very passionate." Throughout every the breakups and make-ups (and trust us, there to be plenty), it looks choose these two just couldn"t make it work. Let"s take it a look in ~ the genuine reason Emma Roberts and also Evan Peters broke up.

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Is there a story that tabloids love much more than a celeb connection gone horribly wrong? Not also after a year that dating, TMZ broke the news the Emma Roberts and also Evan Peters" relationship had gotten physical. Together the outlet dished in July 2013, police were called to the pair"s Montreal hotel room ~ a fight to be heard. When the cops arrived on the scene, they spotted Peters through a bloody nose and bite mark and also "immediately arrested" the Scream Queens starlet. As resources close come Roberts said the outlet, "Emma and Evan to be hitting each other and also she was arrested due to the fact that he had noticeable physical injuries." Hmm.

The timing couldn"t have actually been worse for the actress, as only days after the news broke, her interview with Nylon struggle the stands. Ironically enough, Roberts spoke about her publicly image, claiming the "a many of world perceive differently." The greatest plot twist was that she talked around "making mistakes," where she dished, "I can"t say I"m never ever going to mess up, however if i do, I"ll certainly be very sorry."

While friend think Roberts" chompers would certainly be sufficient for Peters to finish the relationship, he decided versus pressing charges, and his girlfriend to be released a mere couple of hours later. When the event was brushed turn off at the time, possibly this was an ext of a mental wound that never truly healed?

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Things were surprisingly going fairly well because that Emma Roberts and Evan Peters after their very publicized residential violence scandal. Then, all of sudden they weren"t — and then they to be again. Confused? Bear v us. In December 2013, the American fear Story actor popped the concern to his co-star girlfriend, v the pair walk public v the engagement through January. 18 months later, they abruptly dubbed it off, just to get back together in August 2016.

Here"s whereby things get shady. In September 2017, news broke that fellow A-list couple, Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen had dubbed it quits after ~ ten lengthy years together. The reason? as a source exclusively dished to The Blast, Roberts to be "at the center" of their split. Together it turn out, the actress had allegedly acquired close to Christensen when they were on collection of their flick, Little Italy, and the former O.C. starlet reportedly uncovered "inappropriate" texts in between the two, leading to her to leaving her beau immediately.

While you"d think that would have been the straw that damaged the camel"s ago in Peters and also Roberts" relationship, too, that remarkably wasn"t, and as an insider revealed to Us Weekly, the couple was quiet "very lot together." Again, lot like the residential abuse incident, probably this love triangle collection off part warning signal in the long-term.

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The topics that surround every season that American horror Story room truly grueling to watch. Through the themes for this reason dark, you"d think that the actors would try to keep things optimistic while the cameras aren"t rolling. For Emma Roberts and also Evan Peters, however, it looks favor that wasn"t one option. As it turns out, the AHS co-stars had trouble separating their personal lives indigenous their skilled ones — also from the get-go. As Roberts dished on Chelsea Lately (via E! News), the pair met throughout the filming of their indie flick, Adult World. "I actually, top top the set, was like, "Oh yeah, we"re totally gonna date." and also I would choose flirt through him," the starlet explained. 

However, by the time they already shot a few seasons of AHS together, the pair was accused driving the actors mad v their rough relationship. Together an insider revealed to OK!, the pair was either "constantly kissing or fighting" top top set, adding that, "as shortly as the manager yells "Cut," Emma and also Evan space making out. That is, if they"re no screaming at each other." Yikes.

By 2019, ~ the couple"s final breakup, Peters lastly quit the show, and as per The Sun, asserted it was due to the "exhausting" nature of taking on such dark roles. While that might be the case, perhaps he want to near the last chapter of his own romantic fear story.

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Throughout all of their ups and also downs, that looked like whenever Emma Roberts and also Evan Peters threw in the towel, the starlet seemed to bounce ago at a rapid rate. Complying with her second split with the Dark Phoenix gibbs in may 2016, Roberts was currently spotted through a brand-new man, Christopher Hines, by June of the exact same year.

A pattern appeared to follow after the Palo Alto star"s 2019 rest up from her long-term love, too, and also as Us Weekly dished, soon after Roberts and Peters ended their 2nd engagement in 2019, she was attached to Tron: Legacy actor, Garrett Hedlund, who, at the time of this writing, she"s tho dating.

After enduring so many breakups, it looks prefer Roberts lastly has a mountain of endure that"ll hopefully ground she going forward into her following serious relationship. In a 2019 interview with Cosmopolitan, following she breakup indigenous Peters, the actress wisely explained, "I think that no matter who you space or what you do or wherever in the world you are, anything ending is hard." She added, "Losing other is difficult ... I"m realizing that life is highs and also lows. I"m trying to ride them out and also live what in the middle. Once you"re low, girlfriend think it"s never ever going to end. When you"re high, you"re so fear of it ending. And also I"ve lived in both that those areas for also long."

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Although the doesn"t take a rocket scientist to number this one out, it"s for sure to say the Emma Roberts and Evan Peters" relationship was downright toxic. In fact, it"s even something a source close to Peters revealed to Us Weekly after ~ his last breakup native Roberts. "Evan to be so in love through Emma and their partnership became really toxic. They had actually the greatest highs and also then would certainly not speak for days."

Another variable that might have added to the couple"s an adverse breeding ground? certification in American horror Story. Together Peters revealed come Entertainment Tonight, he would work on acquiring into the "mindset" that his creepy characters, adding that that "dove" right into "who lock were, what they thought in and also what they to be going for." transparent it all, Roberts was right by his side, too. "Emma was very cool, and also just type of allowed me to be me and also do my thing."

So, has actually Peters relocated on come something healthier? Time will need to tell on that one, but at the moment of this writing, Peters has been connected to "Without Me" crooner, Halsey. The finest part? "Evan"s friends really choose Halsey and also think they are the perfect duo," one insider dished to Us Weekly. We definitely know new Jersey-bred singer has actually been wait to date Peters, together her lover crush ~ above him dates all the method back to 2012!

It looks prefer diva tendencies might run in the family, as Julia Roberts" nephew has had a couple of hiccups during her rise to the A-list. "Emma is really dramatic," a source revealed come Us Weekly, including that the starlet can gain ""wound up" during arguments." although Evan Peters hasn"t admitted to any issues, Roberts has had her very own past hiccups with her temper, both professionally and in her personal life. Per the Daily Mail, ago in 2013, the actress allegedly tried utilizing her star strength to cut the heat of a popular new York bakery — just to obtain sent all the way back again. Umm, aer much?

Fellow A-listers have supposedly talked out around Roberts" diva tendencies, too, such together a witness that dished come Star that her American horror Story co-star, Gabourey Sidibe, butted heads v the young starlet. "Emma complains about the tiniest things and won"t speak to crew members," the source told the tab, adding, "Gabby lastly told Emma to cut her attitude and stop gift rude."

If that wasn"t enough, rumors swirled that Roberts had worries with she Scream Queens co-star, Lea Michele, in 2016, together well. Follow to InTouch (via Yahoo! News), one insider revealed that the two starlets to be "always at each other"s throats," adding that they also went as far regarding ignore one an additional on collection or contact each various other names. Scream queens, indeed.

Breaking increase is hard, but doing it in front of millions of people? The pressure should be insurmountable. In a 2019 interview with Cosmopolitan, post-Evan Peters breakup, Emma Roberts admitted how tough it is come live in the general public eye and have pan pay so lot attention come her personal life. "It"s hard enough to be with someone by yourself, permit alone with an audience. Growing up is hard. Periodically it provides me sad that i can"t have actually a private moment," she mused, adding, "Because the Twitter and also Instagram, there"s a whole other facet where everybody can talk about what you"re doing, and no one to know the real story. That"s hard."

The Nerve actress echoed a comparable sentiment to LA Mag later that exact same year. "Relationships are hard enough in between two people, let alone 2 people and also the whole internet. Human being say, "Why"s that so tough for celebrities to have relationships?" my answer? "Do civilization photoshop their confront over yours with your boyfriend?" It"s just a monster thing."

While the fan-made photoshopped photos might not have been the only reason of Roberts and also Peters" breakup, we have actually a feeling that the cyber-bullying certainly didn"t help.

Evan Peters and Emma Roberts" engagement it is long a long time, particularly considering he initially popped the question back in 2013. Minus the time invested apart during their assorted breakups, castle were collection to it is in wed end the food of a impressive six years!

What"s more, is the the engagement itself may have been a pricey one — for both parties. After ~ the duo called turn off its early "I do"s" in 2015, the Aquamarine starlet was normally seen sans engagement ring — till she was spotted sporting some different bling. Follow to Allure, " changed that engagement ring with 3 others on she left hand, yellow rings that she bought for herself after "a breakup.""

As because that Peters? The actor had to doll the end even an ext money for their second engagement. According to Brides, Roberts" 2017 sparkler looked "to be a diamond and also onyx ring ~ above a gold band," i beg your pardon was very different 보다 the initial "two-to-three carat round-cut diamond." We have a emotion buying all this jewelry definitely wasn"t cheap for either that the A-listers.

Considering Evan Peters and Emma Roberts had their ups and also downs over the food of 7 years, the actual reason they broke up may have simply been the it was time because that their relationship to it is in over.

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In fact, it"s a sentiment that"s been echoed through those closest come the former couple, too. As an insider said Just Jared earlier in 2015, "Their three years together simply ran the course. They have so many good memories together yet couldn"t make it work-related in the end. The breakup to be amicable — there to be no drama whatsoever."

It looked prefer the same thing taken place with the pair"s 2019 breakup, together well. "Emma and Evan to be heading for a split and now are just friends," a source revealed come Us Weekly. "Evan has actually moved out. The wasn"t a negative breakup." together for either celeb speak out around what happened? At the time of this writing, their lips space sealed. As Roberts so succinctly placed it come Cosmopolitan, "I think I understand what"s true, and I recognize what happened in my own life and also so perform the world who love me and who i love."

There"s no denying that Evan Peters and Emma Roberts" partnership was one filled with turbulence. All points considered, it looked prefer the pair got as well serious, too fast, together well.

Since then, it appears that both stars have actually moved on to healthier, albeit slower romances. Make it official with Garrett Hedlund quickly after her breakup with Peters, the Paradise Hills actress seems to it is in taking things at a leisurely pace with her brand-new beau. "Emma is newly single and neither she no one Garrett room in the right headspace to it is in in a significant relationship," a resource close come the starlet said People. "They"re just having fun hanging out and hooking up."

As for Peters? He"s been attached to Halsey since September the 2019, back the pair only evidenced their connection in October once Halsey walk on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and called Peters she boyfriend. Much like his previous fiance, however, the looks favor Peters is taking his time with this blossoming courtship. Together an insider dished come E! News, "A friend connected them and they had additionally been chatting over social media before deciding to cave out. It"s still an extremely new, however they are both interested in dating each other and also hanging out." Aww! We below at Nicki Swift wish both Roberts and also Peters the best in their brand-new relationships.