November 01, 2012 - 12:51 GMT Evan Rachel Wood and also Jamie Bell married in California ~ above Wednesday

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Suspicions were raised once they showed up at LAX airport put on what looked to be corresponding wedding bands – now Evan Rachel Wood and also Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell have evidenced the happy news that they space in fact man and wife. The True Blood actress common her delight on she Twitter page, writing: "Words cannot define the happinessI am feeling. Overwhelming." In one more tweet, she added: "Song that the job "(todayI met) the young I"m gonna marry"."

Evan and also Jamie, who have actually tattoos of each other"s initials, bound the node on Tuesday during a small ceremony in California with only family and friends present. The bride wore a gown through Carolina Herrera. follow to website Radaronline north Carolina-born Evan and Jamie collected their marriage licence in mid October. "Evan and Jamie were at the Beverly Hills City marriage licence office roughly lunchtime today," an eyewitness called the website on October 15. "I had to do a twin take as at very first I didn"t recognise them. Castle looked like any other young couple in love. They were just waiting in heat like consistent people, hold hands and at one point Jamie leaned over and kissed Evan – they definitely looked excited and also happy." The couple (pictured above on your last single outing, ata Gucci film and also arts gala)were rumoured to have actually got engaged in January, though Evan denied it as soon as she to be spotted put on a diamond ring. She posted on Twitter: "Sorry come disappoint, yet I have actually been wearing the diamond on mine left hand due to the fact that I was 14. It to be my aunt"s. Any engagement rumour is false." whether it was a story to litter the press off the odor is unclear, but Jamie, who hails from county Durham in the North east of England, was spotted critical December shopping because that rings.

The pair"s paths first crossed in 2005, when they filmed a music video clip together for green Day"s Wake Me Up once September Ends. Castle dated for a while, but separation up. A resource said the the time: "Evan and also Jamie were really young and also just acquiring going in their careers when they first met and they simply weren"t ready. Currently that they are older and both excelling in their professional lives, ns think they feel ready to take it their relationship to the following level." Evan go on to date rocker Marilyn Manson, getting engaged to the in 2010. It was not intended to be, yet – the pair separation seven months later and also 25-year-old Evan reconciled through Jamie. The brothers actor climbed to fame play a North eastern schoolboy through a enthusiasm for ballet in Billy Elliot and has gone on to Hollywood films. His movie credits incorporate Jumper opposite Hayden Christensen and also Samuel l Jackson and The Adventures that Tintin. Evan has likewise been acting from an early age, making her debut as a teens in 2002 movie Little Secrets.

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A year later she to be nominated for a golden Globe and also SAG trophy because that her power in Thirteen. An ext recently, she had a recurring function in True Blood as vampire Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq and also had a role in Mildred Pierce through Kate Winslet.