More disturbing Marilyn Manson details room resurfacing, including a graphic video and a shocking account that an attack on his own mother.

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A 2009 music video clip for the tune Running priziv.orge The leaf Of The World, in which Marilyn Manson beats claimed lookalike the Westworld actress Evan Rachel hardwood to death, has actually resurfaced in the wake of her allegations versus the musician.

On Monday, Evan, 33, priziv.orge forward alleging to have actually suffered sexual, physical and emotional abuse indigenous the Goth rocker throughout their partnership in one Instagram post. Four other ladies have since priziv.orge front with priziv.orgparable claims.

Manson has denied all allegations.


The 2009 clip because that his track running To The sheet Of The world contains shocking images of a bloodied woman.

Evan wrote: “He started grooming me when I was a teenager and horrifically abused me for years.

“I to be brainwashed and also manipulated right into submission. Ns am done living in fear of retaliation, slander or blackmail.


“I am below to expose this danger man and call out the countless industries that have permitted him, before he damages any more lives.

“I stand with the countless victims that will no longer be silent.”


Previously, Manson asserted to have sent his very own mother, Barbara Warner, to hospital and also scarred she for life after smashing a glass bottle in her face.

The 52-year-old, whose real name is Brian Warner, wrote around the incidents much more than 2 decades back in his 1998 autobiography The Long hard Road out Of Hell, saying he “hit her, spit top top her and also tried to choke her” during violent outbursts in his youth.

He wrote: “In a room together with my Kiss posters, hand drawn cartoons and also rock albums, I additionally had a arsenal of glass Avon cologne bottles that my grandm had given me.

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“Each one to be shaped prefer a different car, and also I think it was the Excalibur that sent out my mom to the hospital one night. She had priziv.orge home late and wouldn’t call me whereby she had actually been.

“Suspecting her of cheating, I lost the temper my dad handed down to me and threw the bottle at she face, opened up a bloody gash over her lip and also scattering cheap perfume and also shards of blue glass throughout my floor.

“She still has the scar, which has actually served together a consistent reminder never to have another child.”

Marilyn wrote:“In the altercations the followed, i hit her, spit top top her and also tried to choke her. She never ever retaliated. She simply cried, and also I never ever felt sorry because that her.”

Marilyn Manson’s parental Barbara and also Peter Warner, pictured in 2001. Picture: Shutterstock

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Barbara died following a battle with dementia aged 68 in 2014.

Manson subsequently defined his late mom as “the an initial and biggest believer in me”, adding: “I’ll make you proud and also satisfied the you understand that you made the kid you wanted.”

The rocker’s account of attack his mom follows one more troubling revelation from the publication in which he admits plot to killing an ex-girlfriend by setting her top top fire.


Manson’s former mentor, Trent Reznor, has also been forced to refuse a resurfaced case from the publication that stated they sexually attacked an intoxicated and also blindfolded woman, whose pubic hair Marilyn asserted to have set on fire.

The Grammy-winning Nine customs Nails frontman, 55, said: “I have actually been vocal over the years around my dislike that Manson together a person and also cut ties through him practically 25 years ago.

“As I said at the time, the passage from Manson’s memoir is a finish fabrication. I was infuriated and offended earlier when it priziv.orge out and also remain for this reason today.”

And Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, who was a member the Manson’s tape for less than a year in 2008, labelled the singer a “bad guy.”

“Every solitary thing that civilization have said around him is f**king true... He’s amazingly talented, yet he’s f**ked up and he demands to be put in check and also he needs to get sober and also he requirements to priziv.orge to terms through his demons. He is a poor f**king guy,” that said.

EX speak UP

Marilyn’s ex-wife, burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, 48, broke her quiet on the matter overnight.

Evan Rachel Wood has alleged abuse from Manson during their relationship. Picture: Getty/AFP

In a statement, she said: “Please know that the details make public do not priziv.orgplement my an individual experience throughout our 7 years together as a couple.

“Had they, I would certainly not have actually married that in December 2005. I left 12 months later as result of infidelity and drug abuse.

“Abuse of any kind of kind has no place in any type of relationship. Ns urge those of you who have incurred abuse to take steps to heal and the strength to fully realise yourself.

“This is my single statement ~ above this matter. Give thanks to you for respecting this request.”

The sunlight revealed the police were dubbed to Manson’s LA house on Wednesday because that a welfare inspect following a “disturbing incident”. The performer has been dropped by his document label and also removed from 2 US TV series in the wake of the current allegations.

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Sources said TMZ that a concerned friend called police after failing to acquire hold that him, yet a rep because that the star connected to police the he just “didn’t want to priziv.orge out”.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished right here with permission