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Evan Rachel wood Alleges former Partner Marilyn Manson Abused Her

“I am excellent living in are afraid of retaliation, slander, or blackmail. Ns am here to expose this dangerous man,” actress writes

Evan Rachel lumber released a statement Monday morning alleging the Marilyn Manson abused her throughout the course of your relationship, which finished in 2010. They began dating as soon as Wood to be 19 in 2007 and also Manson was 38, getting involved in 2010 before breaking up.

“The surname of my abuser is Brian Warner, likewise known come the people as Marilyn Manson,” hardwood wrote on Instagram. “He began grooming me when I to be a teenager and also horrifically abused me for years. I was brainwashed and also manipulated right into submission. I am done living in are afraid of retaliation, slander, or blackmail. Ns am here to disclose this dangerous man and call out the countless industries that have enabled him before he damages any an ext lives. I stand v the numerous victims who will no longer be silent.”

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A representative because that Manson did no respond to Rolling Stone‘s request for comment, but the singer’s rep told metal Hammer last year, in solution to queries around the allegations, “Personal testimony is just that, and also we think it’s inappropriate to discuss that. You then go on to talk about Manson gift accused that ‘terrible things’ through unnamed ‘critics’ but offer no accuse on that these doubters are and also what these points are, for this reason it’s not feasible to comment.”

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Wood spoke about suffering abuse v Rolling Stone in 2016 yet did no mention details names. “I’ve been raped. Through a far-ranging other while we were together. And also on a separate occasion, by the owner of a bar,” she stated the job after the 2016 presidential election. “I don’t think we live in a time where human being can continue to be silent any longer. Not provided the state our people is in v its blatant bigotry and sexism.”

Wood developed the Phoenix plot — which was signed right into law by California governor Gavin Newsom in 2019 — to expand the statute of constraints on domestic violence from three years to five. It took effect in January 2020. While testifying prior to the California Senate, lumber spoke about violence suffered at the hands of a former partner. She did not name her alleged abuser, but she go tell the Senate: “I mustered the courage come leave numerous times, however he would speak to my house incessantly and threaten to kill himself. Top top one occasion, I went back to try and defuse the situation, that cornered me in ours bedroom, and also asked me to kneel. Then he bound me increase by mine hands and also feet. Once I to be restrained the beat me and also shocked sensitive components of my body with a torture an equipment called a violet wand. To him it was a method for me to prove mine loyalty. The pain to be excruciating. That felt like I left mine body and also a component of me died that day.”

In the wake of Wood’s post, in ~ least 4 other women have come forward with comparable stories about Manson, according to Vanity Fair.

“As he was wooing me, ns would concerned find the end he to be torturing others,” accuser sarah McNeilly wrote. “Before long, ns was the one gift tortured. I was emotionally abused, terrorized and also scarred … ns was thrown up against a wall surface and he threatened to bash my confront in v the baseball bat he was holding … as a an outcome of the way he treated me, I endure from mental wellness issues and PTSD the have affected my an individual and professional relationships, self-worth and an individual goals. I think he gets off on destroying people’s lives.”

“He would certainly tie me up because that the an initial of many times and also rape me,” alleged a woman named Gabriella. “I sobbed top top the floor the the hotel room and also when ns looked at him, he to be smiling. That told me that knew that’s exactly how I loved him because of my reaction.” Gabriella goes on to allege the Manson required her to take drugs that were “more than my body could handle.” She later claimed her connection with Manson brought about her to attempt suicide.

“I repressed this because I feel no one around me could comprehend the severity of what I had actually gone through,” she wrote. “He gaslit me so much I started to gaslight myself.”

“There to be abuse, sex-related violence, physical violence and coercion. I still feel the affects every day. I have actually night terrors, PTSD, anxiety and mostly crippling OCD,” wrote an additional accuser Ashley Morgan. “He do me feel like him cutting me, burning me, his fist in my mouth was ‘our thing.’ over there is so much much more that happened.”