Evan Williams 23 Year Old Bourbon is right now only being marketed as a gift shop exclusive at the Evan Williams Experience in downtown Louisville, KY. This expression is the cousin of Elijah Craig 23 Year Old, together both come native the heaven Hill Distillery, both space aged for 23 years, and both share the exact same mashbill. This specific bottle is considered “pre-fire” sky Hill together it to be distilled and also barreled before the epic fire that took ar on November 7, 1996.

Heavy aged oak is immediately noticeable yet by no means overpowering. Digging deeper reveals standard scents such as vanilla and caramel, along with scents the marshmallow, creme brulee, and syrup. The sleep is surprisingly rich and for such an old bourbon bringing forth a nice mixture of sweet along with oak. Interesting way enough, there is just the faintest hint of ethanol.

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The sip starts v a bit of tannic timber which is automatically joined through sweeter flavors. The an outcome is a huge hit of sweet vanilla in addition to hard cherry candy, honey, jug oak, cigar box, and black pepper. The greater proof mirrors through and also adds a tiny bit of fiery heat to the sip. A tool bodied mouthfeel it is intended a how amazing sweeter and much more flavorful sip than supposed for a 23 year old bourbon.

Unlike the nose and palate, the complete shows just exactly how long this bourbon has actually spent in the barrel. Father time is noticeable as the sweetness discovered earlier is changed by drier notes. The fiery heat carriers end from the palate and also is joined by wood, pepper, and light cherry Halls. The warm lingers v traces of dried leather and tannic wood, making because that a much longer than crucial finish, and one the doesn’t quite live approximately what the nose & palate delivers.

Evan Williams 23 Year is one oddball in the Evan Williams household line. The following oldest Evan Williams is 12 years version that is only obtainable in the gift shop and overseas, while the current standard easily accessible expressions all fall below 10 year of age. To view an expression aged so far from its brothers is distinct in and also of itself, but being aged to 23 years is where things start to gain interesting. Over there aren"t plenty of ongoing release of 23 year old bourbons the end there. In truth there are just three in total, the various other two gift Pappy van Winkle 23 Year and Elijah Craig 23 Year. Due to the fact that bourbon is age in charred brand-new oak barrels, the not expected to it is in aged because that a lengthy time contrasted to what you can find in a scotch or other whiskeys that make use of pre-used barrels because that the aging process. Bourbon age over twenty years just doesn’t provide a lot of flavor external of oak. Additionally, as soon as you get to this age, there simply isn’t much bourbon left in the barrel come bottle, and also sometimes barrels are fully empty by this point. In tasting Evan Williams 23 Year alongside Pappy valve Winkle 23 Year, I uncovered both to have actually their own traits to appreciate, with Evan Williams delivering heavier notes. Yet compared to its sibling native the very same distillery, I uncovered Evan Williams 23 Year brought around a much much more flavorful sip in between the two. In both situations I credit transaction this to Evan Williams’ higher proof content. Being bottled at 107 proof renders Evan Williams 23 Year the only 23 year old end 100 proof, i beg your pardon in this case correlates to a much more nuanced and flavorful sip.

No matter just how you shot to justification it, $350 is a the majority of money because that a bourbon regardless of the age. In Evan Williams case, it wake up to it is in priced well above the MSRP because that Elijah Craig 23 Year and even Pappy van Winkle 23 Year, both the which regulate to continue to be in the $200-$300 MSRP range. Many will scoff at MSRP since an additional will be lot much greater, yet MSRP allows us to to compare apples to apples. Turn off the cuff you could think that this is a dreadful value, but the price alone doesn’t tell the totality story. What stops this from gift an absolute dreadful value is the fact that the flavor file is actually rather nuanced for such an old bourbon. Additionally, that 107 proof needs to be taken into account for the value. By the moment the bourbon has actually aged 23 years, just a very tiny remains in the barrel. Whereby Pappy valve Winkle 23 Year and Elijah Craigh 23 Year acquire proofed under to 95.6 and also 90 proof respectively, sky Hill just proofs down Evan Williams 23 Year to 107 proof. This way that over there is also less to bottle from every batch that they process for this line. Therefore yes, this no a good value in the grand system of things, however it’s additionally not a bourbon to protect against purley based on price either.

Evan Williams 23 Year walk to show you that even though bourbon isn’t intended to be aged this long, as soon as done right, it can deliver a fine drinking experience.

Being aged 23 years, I meant to discover an oak monster favor I have tendency to notice in party of Elijah Craig 23 Year. Rather I walked away surprised at how much depth and also nuanced sweeter spices Evan wilhelm 23 Year brings to the table. Correct there room clear indications of its extensive time invested in the barrel, particularly in the finish. However its higher proof help accentuate flavors you normally wouldn’t find in a bourbon that has actually been aged this long. There’s no denying the the price is very high, however at the really least, it’s worth seeking the end a to water to check out what ultra aged bourbon have the right to taste like if done right.

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The sample offered for this testimonial was provided to us at no cost courtesy its respective company. We thank them for permitting us to review it through no strings attached.