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December 31, 2017 significant the 50th Anniversary Of daredevil Evel Knievel"s 1967 Caesars royal residence Fountain Jump.

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Date: December 31, 1967


Time: so late Afternoon


Location: Caesers palace on las Vegas Blvd. 


Attempted Length: 141 Ft


Bike Model: Triumph Bonneville 650 T120 TT


ABC"s large Wide world Of Sports: initially aired the stunt, however only after buying the movie from Evel Knievel who had previously approached them around showing the attempt live. Despite failing, the photo of Knievel crossing end the fountains v Caesars Palace helped to put both on the map. Reports that Knievel"s 29 job in a coma have been greatly debunked, but helped serve Knievel"s showmanship and also promotion.


What walk Wrong: As Evel Knievel fight the take-off ramp, he reportedly felt an unanticipated deceleration in his cycle which caused him come come increase short and also land on a safety and security ramp. This, in turn, resulted in a jarring emotion in which he lost manage off the bike and tumbled over the handlebars, skidding some distance ~ above the parking lot pavement.


Damage Done:  Crushed pelvis and also femur; fractures come his hip, wrist and also both ankles; a concussion. As formerly mentioned, the 29-days-in-a-coma has been mostly discredited as Evil Knievel and also Caesars Palace"s Jay Sarno, who originally wanted naught to execute with the stunt, acted choose "like 2 giggling, sneaky teenagers. Lock were placing something over on everybody. They to be a pair of promoters,” according to Sarno"s son.


While Evel Knievel would never ever attempt to jump the fountains in ~ Caesars palace again, his failure (or success, one might say) driven him right into the spotlight. Recovering the following year, he started making over $25,000 per jump. The price walk up as the stunts and crowds grew; $1 million for crashing end 13 single-deckers in London, $6m because that the Snake flow plunge.


In the 1970"s, toymakers lined up to make a substantial profit indigenous Evel Knievel"s likeness, raking in end $350 million dollars. Evel himself claimed to have made $60 million, much of it shed to gambling and also drinking. Evel Knievel would pass away at the age of 69 in 2007 with an approximated fortune worth $3 million.


Two succeeding attempts to jump the fountains in ~ Caesars royal residence were made. The first, in 1980 by Gary Wells, led to a failed effort and almost a fatality. Wells endured two damaged legs, a cracked pelvis and also a ruptured aorta when his motorcycle crashed into a cement wall after cruising 180 feet end the fountain.

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The 2nd attempt, in 1989 through Evel Knievel"s own son, Robbie, to be a success. Videos that both can be uncovered below.