Out of every the original actors members from the struggle VH1 reality collection Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada is probably one the the many well-known. Since Basketball Wives is famously loose on the "wife" title, Lozada"s spot to be awarded as she"s the ex-fiancée of experienced basketball player Antoine Walker. The two were in a relationship for 10 years, according to NY daily News.

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It was questionable because that a moment if the Bronx aboriginal would return to the display after the eighth season (you"ll have to watch for every the drama) due, in part, to a legal fight with an additional cast member, per TMZ. Together of this writing, there have been reports that the fact star is collection to return to the series in every her dramatic glory. However, Lozada has actually yet to confirm the news herself.

Over the course of she time ~ above the show, Lozada has remained in a couple of public relationships – many notably her rollercoaster entanglement v Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson. However, in irradiate of residential violence and also assault allegations against another one of well known exes, Lozada"s previous engagement to previous MLB player Carl Crawford is being revisited. 

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Evelyn Lozada and also Carl Crawford had a lengthy engagement through a scandalous end. The former experienced athlete popped the question in December 2013, but Lozada and also Crawford ultimately dubbed off their engagement by respectable 2017, according come US Weekly. At the time, a representative for Lozada exit a statement saying: "They did break up but it to be over infidelity back in February <2017>." 

"Right currently they are concentrated on being responsible and loving parental to their three-year-old," included the rep, i beg your pardon the two have been doing rather amicably for years complying with the breakup. In 2014, Lozada and Crawford welcomed their first and just child together, Carl Leo Crawford Jr. Adhering to their split, the mommy of 2 went top top to connect in much more private relationships, however, in February 2020, she required to her Instagram Story to expose that she"s no longer single (via Atlanta black Star).

Since walk their different ways, both Lozada and Crawford have seemingly moved on. In fact, a little over a year after your breakup, reports surfaced the Crawford to be expecting his fourth child with a woman named Gabriele Washington. Their relationship later led come alleged domestic violence disputes, and also in June 2020, Lozada also weighed in.

In June 2020, one arrest affidavit was filed through the Houston police stating the Carl Crawford walk to previous girlfriend Gabriele Washington"s home "produced a handgun from which that unloaded the ammunition in she presence, climate demanded information on her dating relationship," per ESPN. According come the outlet, Washington called investigators the the former professional baseball player "pushed she to the floor, slammed her head against a wall surface and choked her." Crawford was released ~ above bond because that $50,000. 

In light of the news, Evelyn Lozada took to Instagram to carry out insight right into her connection with the father of her son. In an IGTV video posted on June 8, 2020, Lozada described that despite there room rumors out there that her previous fiancé intimidated and also physically ache her, it"s no true.

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"The Carl I"m hearing around lately is not the Carl i personally know," she said. "During ours 4 Year engagement & while co-parenting ours son, Carl has never to be violent or threatening. We have actually a hopeful relationship." She added that she "will constantly be empathetic to anyone who has experienced any type of domestic violence" and would never ever undermine anyone"s experience, however chose to speak on the subject due to the fact that she didn"t desire her kid to "grow up and feel together if his dad hurt his mother in any way." 

If you or someone you recognize is dealing with domestic abuse, girlfriend can call the National residential Violence Hotline in ~ 1−800−799−7233 or TTY 1−800−787−3224. You can additionally find more information, resources, and support in ~ www.thehotline.org.