Coming in dead last, is “In Ren we Trust.” This has constantly been the many forgettable illustration of the entire series for part reason, in my opinion. I always forget the it exists. I only remember, like.. 2 scenes from it. Together I sit right here watching it for my series re-watch, it practically feels prefer I’m the town hall a never prior to seen episode because that’s exactly how much I execute not remember it. (I actually kinda like that that feels for this reason fresh, though. I’d die for never before seen illustration of this show.) i feel choose I always forget around it because this episode marks the elevation of the show’s ridiculousness.Beans is walking through Lawrence Jr. High v a pooping pony. Principal Wexler interrogates Louis with the aid of a hillbilly bluegrass band. It’s… A lot.

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The gang finds a briefcase in the bushes in ~ Lawrence Jr. High filled v $4,412 dollars. Louis, Twitty, Tom, Monique, and Ruby space super excited and plan on separating it between them. But, Ren is all “That’s a many money.. We should turn it in!” She’s on her way to carry out the best thing, however then turns around and uses the money to buy a $4,000 pair that non-returnable lizard skin pants?!?!?!


The illustration starts with Tom, Louis, and Twitty playing through a boomerang outside of the school. I’m confused as to whether or no this is a school day or if they’re all just hanging about the institution for no reason, haha. It’s not really clear. I’m assuming the school simply let out. Louis throws the boomerang and also it gets lost in the bushes. They walk to look for it, yet find the $4,412-filled briefcase instead!

Also, can I just say… Ren’s outfits starting around the second half of Season 3 space really annoying and seem too old and business-like for her. She wears a many distracting patterns, together well. I recognize that she’s kinda going for a mature, studious look 90% of the time, yet she’s 15!!! over there are various other options. This dress and pocketbook she’s wearing do her look choose a 40 year old office worker. Watch at she in comparison come Monique! not feeling it.


Okay but.. Really, though?! little Timmy (Bob, indigenous The Suite Life the Zack and also Cody) is spanned in dirt like a chimney sweep. What a stereotypicaldepictionof a “poor child,” lol.I’m certain the people involved with this “charity” are an excellent people and also would’ve discovered somewhere because that him to wash up immediately. But, ns guess this charity is using him for thesympathyangle. Nice.

Ren goes come Louis, of all people, and tells him she spent the money and also is walking to it is in in huge trouble. But, Wexler and also the find team the hired doubt Louis probably had something to perform with it and take the in because that interrogation.

Louis won’t pour out the beans. So, Wexler is like“I’m sorry it’s involved this…” and brings in backup: A hillbilly bluegrass band that tortures Louis with their music till he can’t take it it anymore. I’m serious.


She apologizes and they pardon her until she states the pants room nonrefundable.

Then every little thing suddenly starts come rewind like an old VHS ice - every the way back to when Ren was debating even if it is or no she should buy the pants.Turns out the whole thing was just a vision she had! ns did not remember that twist at all. HAHA, ONE much more THING I fully FORGOT ABOUT. She didn’t buy the pants, and also she did turn the money in ~ all. See? ns knew Ren would certainly never.

This one is for this reason weird. It’s the 2nd to last illustration of the series, i m sorry isn’t exactly a promising authorize of the direction the show could have to be heading if it continued. I guess none of the events actually happening for real redeems that a little bit. But, the way they stretched this vision into whole episode is unredeemable, honestly. (Not to point out there’s no method Ren could’ve had actually a vision that long and also detailed in ~ a 10 2nd span max, haha.) This comes across as nothing an ext than a filler episode. Some filler episodes are good! This one, not so much.

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Also, Beans yes, really did carry that pooping pony come Lawrence! that wasn’t part of the vision. So, yeah. Just bizarre. Also much.

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