Memorial Day falls on may 31 in 2021 and marks the unofficial beginning of summer in Boston.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and also the safety precautions and closure tho in place, numerous of the usual tasks won"t it is in happening this year. Boston Calling was cancelled, the Red Sox games are postponed come July 17, and also won"t be in place.

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Patio dining at regional restaurants, warm weather, and also lots to do consisting of the vast Boston calling music festival, Red Sox games, and also the Garden that Flags ~ above Boston typical make Memorial day Weekend a perfect time come visit.

Many Boston locals head come Cape Cod, theVineyard, or the new Hampshire hills for the lengthy weekend.

So because that Boston visitors, that means attractive hotel rates, restaurant reservations, show and cruise tickets, and also even Red Sox tickets will certainly be less complicated to acquire than usual.

You"ll additionally find numerous fun activities, holiday sales, and cost-free events.

Here space 12 suggestions for Memorial job ceremonies, events, to add fun points to execute in Boston during this an initial long summer weekend.

Top photo: Garden the Flags on Boston usual on Memorial day Weekend

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12 height Memorial day Weekend Activities

1. Massachusetts military Heroes Garden that Flags, Memorial work Services, concert


Memorial day honors those who died in battles defending our country and our freedom.

Every year, the Massachusetts military Heroes company plants a Garden the Flags - 37,000 of lock - in front of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Boston typical to commemorate every of the Massachusetts service members that have given their lives to safeguard the unified States and also our freedom due to the fact that the Revolutionary War.

Annual Memorial day services will be hosted on Saturday, may 29, 11am in ~ the Veterans Memorial Park in the back Bay Fens in Boston"s Fenway neighborhood. Veterans Memorial Park (sometimes referred to as the Sergeant Charles Andrew MacGillivary Memorial to honor a regional hero), a tranquil environment-friendly area through monuments commemorating those who fought in world War II, the oriental War, and the Vietnam War, deserve to be found near the Kelleher rose Gardens.(dates/times to be confirmed)

an ext Boston battle Memorials for you come visit

At Copp"s Hill Burying Ground in Boston"s north End, Prince room Freemasons and also the low Twelve Masonic Riders Association conduct the solemn Prince hall Freemasons Memorial Service close to Hall"s grave, an annual tradition siince 1908. Prince hall (1735-1807) was a leader in Boston"s free black community and founded "Black Freemasonry" in the U.S., recognized today together Prince hall Freemasonry, after gift rejected because that membership in the all-white Boston St. John"s Lodge. He offered as Grand master of the African cool Lodge, promoted for the education and learning of black color children, and also was among America"s an initial abolitionists. Unlikemost of the countless African americans who stayed in the north End throughout the colonial and also post-colonial periodwho are buried here in unmarked graves, Prince Hallis buried in a marked grave bearing his surname on the tombstone. A surrounding sign explains his necessary contributions to American history.

2. Boston Red Sox in ~ Fenway Park & much more Memorial work Weekend entertainment - 2021


With the Boston Red Sox playing the Miami Marlins in ~ Fenway Park, the renowned 3-day Boston call Music Festival underway at Harvard Stadium, and also other events at Boston theaters and also concert venues, there are plenty of occasions going on over Memorial work weekend to keep you entertained!

Plan her weekend and also get your tickets now!

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Friday, might 28 events

Saturday, might 29 events

Sunday, may 30 events

Monday (Memorial Day), might 31 events

funny Hotels near Fenway Park

If you"re coming to a Red Sox game, invest the night or the weekend at one of the surrounding hotels, such together the hip Verb Hotel, directly across the street indigenous Fenway Park:


More optimal hotels near Fenway Park:

Check out more hotels near Fenway Park

3. Boston phone call Music Festival 2021 - Cancelled

Boston call night performance photo courtesy the Boston call on on facebook

Boston Calling, the well-known 3-day indie and also pop rock music festival that takes place over Memorial work Weekend, has to be cancelled again because of the pandemic - yet returns come the Harvard Athletic complex in Allston in 2022 larger and much better than ever.

Headliners Foo Fighters and also Rage versus the Machine will take center stage in 2022, together with a 3rd headliner to it is in announced later.

Look for three music stages, a comedy stage, and an ext music than ever from over 60 groups, plus end 30 food vendors, a wide an option of beer and wine, sponsor exhibits, and surprise attractions.

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Tickets commonly go fast, and prices rise as the days draw closer.In enhancement for single-day passes, you"ll see options for 3-day passes plus a tiered array of VIP tickets; the most expensive tiers generally sell out the fastest.

Boston phone call Tickets

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concerts & shows for May

Boston concerts & shows throughout the Year

4. Shop the Memorial work Sales


If friend love to shop, don"t miss out on Boston"s Memorial day Weekend transaction - friend can quickly save sufficient to pay for your weekend in a quite hotel. Since Boston"s hot weather really only lasts for about 2 months, summer thingsget put on deep discount sale early - yes, by this weekend!

Best places to look? If you want to pick simply one spot amongst all Boston shopping areas and malls, focus on ago Bay, where you"ll uncover lots that different choices - Prudential center for upscale stores, Copley ar for global designer boutiques, and also Newbury Street/Boylston Street for much more designer boutiques, distinctive local stores, and Nike and the other huge athletic gear stores.

For even bigger adventure (and probably bigger savings), Wrentham town discount outlets and Assembly heat Outlets (5 minute from downtown ~ above the T) can"t it is in beat!

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