By Jessica D'Onofrio, Cate Cauguiran, Michelle Gallardo, Ravi Baichwal, Eric Horng and ABC 7 Chicago Digital Team

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Chicago area is marking Memorial Day with a number of events, with observances re-fashioned since of the COVID-19 pandemic.Memorial day weekend is the gateway to summer, a time for looking ahead, and this year that"s taken on added meaning. ~ above this holiday, downtown Naperville to be bustling and also brimming v hope."It"s certainly a high energy vibe we gained going on. Everybody seems to it is in happy acquiring out that the residences finally," Jason fountain said.At peak Fashion, the future appeared as bright as the colour of the sneakers. ~ a year-long hold-up - in component because the the pandemic - the store lastly had its cool opening ~ above Saturday."We had actually a line wrapping about the corner and also going down the block. Same thing top top Sunday," stated Zain Qureshi, co-owner, optimal Fashion. "Support was there, and I guess civilization are ready to shop. Civilization are kind of prepared to get earlier to their typical lives."And because that many, normal means being on the move. TSA report a virtually five-fold increase in Memorial work weekend air travel over critical year.At the Hinsdale Oasis, the financial institutions family that Crete stocked up prior to heading to Wisconsin, their very first trip in much more than a year."It"s choose fresh air," Zoretha financial institutions said. "It opened up up perfectly because my twins" date of birth is June 1st, and we acquire to enjoy life."Norreen and Tom Klemens, that were return from their son"s wedding, said their plans were uncertain simply a few weeks ago."When lock planned that in March, April that knew? The timing has settled very, really well," Tom Klemens said.In fact, the time is perfect. In Chicago, beaches were once again crowded and also the city"s lakefront is back open for world to enjoy. Countless families and friends gathered together over a warm grill."This is one of the ideal feelings, simply to have the ability to share the love. This is a real great feeling to have the ability to spend time through my boys," Wayne Jackson said.

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"It"s a good feeling being around an excellent people due to the fact that the vibes are always real. It"s a blessing really," Will wall surfaces said."Just a blessing come still be here and also be v your family and also friends and just try to make the finest of it," Kyle Lewis added.Over the holiday weekend, Chicago"s iconic marine Pier fully reopened come the public, when again attracting crowds of locals and also tourists after ~ its winter hiatus."This is the location to be once you"re exploring some the the important places in Chicago," claimed Brandy Fontenot, one active-duty Naval business member that was freshly stationed at good Lakes v her family."We"re going to ride the Ferris wheel, check out if probably we can capture a boat, have actually some good food, a couple of drinks," Fontenot said.For her, Memorial day holds one extra one-of-a-kind meaning."Today is mental those that offered the ultimate sacrifice to serve their country, therefore I"m simply proud to have the ability to serve my country proactively right now," she said.She and also her family members understand what is a day turn off for many came at a good price because that others."We mental those that shed their stays so we can have days prefer today and enjoy what they can"t any type of longer," Fontenot said.

WATCH | Memorial work Parade return to Naperville

The Naperville American Legion short article 43 will host a downsized Memorial work Parade starting at 9 a.m. And make stops for solutions at Naperville cemeteries : Dandelion Fountain; command Dan Shanower 9/11 Memorial; Naperville cemetery; Veterans Park; Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery; and also the soul of the American Doughboy statue. The final stop for the parade is at central Park, whereby the occasion will wrap up through attributes and also a concert at noon.Parade-goers said that that they were thankful the parade is ago this year. Last year"s parade to be canceled due to COVID-19, but this year, the community was may be to present up in human to salary tribute.The parade route was only for veterans and servicemen and also women this year, that marched together Naperville inhabitants gathered to give thanks to them and remember the fallen."My dad"s brother us actually lost in Vietnam, for this reason it"s a vacation that way a lot come our family and just desire to honor those that have dealt with for us," said parade-goer Candice Collison.Bill Archer, an army veteran, remembered his business in Vietnam and those that knew who didn"t come home."Today is a wonderful day because that remembering those...I have actually friends, civilization in my command that were lost and also I think about it all the time, specifically today," Archer said.Last year, the pandemic compelled parade organizers to cancel. This year, the path was scaled back, allowing for a few bands to continue to be in place and salute veterans together they go past.Veteran Jim Sarns was heartened to see normalcy returning."Today is wonderful, friend know, us can lastly shake hands, talk to each other enter places without masks this is the way it need to be," Sarns said.Memorial day in Naperville has actually been commemorated due to the fact that 1928. Veterans indigenous every branch of service participate.Veterans organizations and high school bands payment tribute in addition to spectators waving American flags, passing on what this day method to your children."It"s not about the picnics and also the begin of summer and also the barbecue, it"s around remembering the people that offered their lives so that us can obtain out and also do the picnics and also barbecus and stuff," stated Naperville Memorial job Parade Committee Chairman Tom Parker.Veterans asked civilization to watch one minute of quiet at 3 p.m. Together the whole nation pauses to remember those who have actually made the can be fried sacrifice.

WATCH | Aurora pays tribute to yellow Star families

One by one, Aurora"s yellow Star families and also friends walked past to lay flower at the city"s memorial come those that have given their lives while in service to this country.

One through one, Aurora"s yellow Star families and friends walked past to lay flowers at the city"s memorial come those who have provided their stays while in company to this country. One through one, they reflected on your loved ones" loss."Thank you for coming out. And also just don"t forget. Don"t forget about any that them. Not just mine, but all of them," claimed Martha Lopez, the mommy of Eduardo Lopez.
The households representing the six most recent business members to have actually made the ultimate sacrifice gathered at Phillips Park, including 20-year-old marine Lance Corporal Hector Ramos, who died in a helicopter crash in Iraq in 2005, if his brother, Noah, was likewise serving."He was just energetic, complete of love, his character was just positive. He"s just one that those spontaneous guys, you know, who will always to the best thing and also stand up because that those who can"t stand up for themselves," noah Ramos said. ""I knew as long as i was breathing the my brothers didn"t go down for nothing. You know, I"ve lost friends that were in the unit through me, too. You lose a brother, but you gain much more family in the service. It"s never ever easy."Aurora market Richard Irvin, a veteran himself, proclaiming each that the six"s birthdays as days that remembrance in the city."You just obtain to cope v it. You obtain to know it. And all you can do is adopt the moment you had actually with lock and adopt the moments that you have like today, that human being continue come remember him," said Juan De La Torre, brothers of Jesse De La Torre.Aurora"s memorial wall surface includes the name of 51 men and also women eliminated in the line of duty because the oriental War. Just one has actually yet come be added - that of 21-year-old Miguel Villalon, eliminated in Afghanistan critical year.

WATCH | Hundreds gather to remember fallen soldiers in Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates

A traditional program of army protocol and also prayers in ~ 175-year-old St. Peter Lutheran Church asked human being to mental fallen soldiers.

One that the biggest Memorial work ceremonies in the Chicago area remained in Schaumburg, whereby hundreds gathered to remember those that did no make it residence from America"s wars."Let me tell you, ns am 91 year old right now and also I have forgotten what the felt choose in those days, but I never thought world would revere world like united state in this day and also age," stated Gordon Stanley, a U.S. Navy veteran who offered in Korea.But they go in Schaumburg, the seat of northwest suburban development in Chicago, to salute the lives provided to this country in combat. Naval Corps veteran Robert M. Healy remembered an assault on his 60mm gun emplacement in Korea."They obtained a direct hit on the gun, and also I acquired saved," Healy said, including that that thinks around the men he was v every day.A timeless program of army protocol and also prayers at 175-year-old St. Peter Lutheran Church asked people to remember ~ the laying the wreaths earlier at the Hoffman estates Police Department, where world gathered from anywhere to offer thanks for a typical cause."We room Americans and also we are right here to honor the brave men and women the the armed forces that the United says for their service and sacrifice the we room living in peace and also prosperity," said Rajinder sink Mago, Sikh spiritual Society the the NW Suburbs.Traditional martial music native the various branches elicited salutes and also appreciation - even from the youngest in attendance."It made me feel an excellent in the they help save ours country," stated Nora Murashko, period 9."This job isn"t because that veterans. I know they memory veterans, but it is because that the ones that never ever came home," stated Bob Royce, a U.S. Army veteran who served in Vietnam.

Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights has traditionally organized a parade the 3,000 marchers with hundreds of viewers. This year, the town is displaying the names of all 58 the Arlington"s please heroes in homes and also storefront windows. The town has also created a video for world to view.There will be a drive-by salute, with civilization being asked to journey by Memorial Park indigenous 9 a.m. To 11 a.m.

Vernon Hills

In Vernon Hills, the American Legion post 1247 will have three ceremonies. The first ceremony will be at Vernon Township Cemetery in ~ 9 a.m., adhered to by one at pasture Lawn Memorial Park at 10 a.m. And also at the Vernon Hills Memorial Arbortheater in ~ 11 a.m. Social distancing will be observed at every ceremony.


The Elgin Patriotic Memorial Association and the city of Elgin will certainly be holding number of observances, including a 9:15 a.m. Ceremony at Lakewood Memorial Park, 30W730 RT 20. There will certainly be a regimen at Elgin"s Veterans Memorial Park, 274 N. Grove Ave, with a regime paying tribute come veterans interred at sea. At 11 a.m., a ceremony will certainly be organized at the Bluff City Cemetery, 945 Bluff City Blvd., which will pay tribute come the 30th Anniversary of operation Desert Storm. Student will continue the heritage of analysis President Abraham Lincoln"s Gettysburg deal with and general John Logan"s order which created Memorial Day. For much more information, visit


Elmhurst has actually cancelled the parade this year, but will have actually a convoy of an initial responder service and also military vehicles, starting at 9:30 a.m. In ~ the Veterans memorial in Wilder Park, 175 S. Prospect Ave and also ending at 11 a.m. Through a ceremony in ~ the memorial.

St. Charles

St. Charles will hold a ceremony at 9:30 a.m. At the liberty Shrine along the flow west the the previous police terminal at 211 N. Riverside Ave.

River Forest

River woodland has canceled the parade and will instead hold an observance in ~ 10 a.m. At the Memorial Parkway at 7497 Lake Street.


Winnetka will host an observance from 10-11 a.m. In ~ its village Green Park, 525 Maple Street. The eco-friendly will be split into 4 sections with minimal attendees and participants should register in advance.


Batavia will certainly be hold an out ceremony in ~ 11 a.m. At the Batavia Veterans of international Wars in ~ 645 S. Flow St.


Berwyn will organize three Memorial job observances. The very first will be at 11 a.m. In ~ Lesak Park. The second will be hosted at 11:20 a.m. At Berwyn City Hall, 6700 W. 26th St. The last ceremony will take location at mount Auburn Cemetery, 4101 S. Oak Park Ave., in ~ 12:30 p.m.

Carol Stream

The Carol present Park District and also the Veterans of foreign Wars post 10296 will hold a ceremony in ~ 11 a.m. At the Veterans Memorial Plaza.

Orland Park

Orland Park will hold a ceremony at Ara place or "Place that Peace" exterior of its town hall, 14700 S. Ravinia Ave. In ~ 11 a.m. There will certainly be a wreath-laying ceremony, addresses by ar veterans and a analysis of the name of 55 veterans ~ above the village"s granite memorial wall.

Lake Villa

Lake Villa will hold a parade beginning at noon in ~ Palombi center School, 133 McKinley Ave.


The Hammond Veterans of international Wars article 7881 and American Legion post 232 will hold a Memorial job ceremony in ~ 9 a.m. In ~ Hessville Park, Kennedy Ave. And also 173rd St.


Whiting will organize a Memorial work ceremony at the Whiting write-up 80, 2003 Indianapolis Blvd., with speeches and a 21-gun salute. There will certainly be coffee and also donuts at 9:30 a.m. Prior to the awareness starts in ~ 11 a.m.

Cedar Lake

American Legion short article 261 will organize a parade in ~ 10 a.m. Beginning in the parking most Sandbar Grill, 13118 NE Lake coast Dr. There will be a ceremony at 11 a.m. At 13000 Fairbanks St. And also at 1:30 p.m., a patriotic mural will certainly be unveiled in ~ 13050 Washington St.

Ogden Dunes

The Lions society of Ogden Dunes will host a Memorial Day auto parade in ~ 10 a.m. Beginning on the edge of Diana Road and Deer Trail.


The Merrillville Fire Department will lead a parade start at 10:15 a.m. At the fire station at 24 W 73rd Ave, and also end at the Merrillville Cemetery, 720 E. 73rd Ave. A business will take place at the Merrillville Legion short article 430 at 11:30 a.m.

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Crown Point

Crown point will hold a parade beginning at 10:30 a.m. In ~ the intersection the Joliet and also Main roadways with an 11 a.m. Ceremony at Maplewood Cemetery, 555 S. Indiana Ave.


American Legion post 260 will hold a ceremony at noon at founders Square Park, 300 S. Co-founder Square.
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